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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 10 Kills
Available on Some Primary Weapons

The Z-Point is a German optic and the first optic to be unlocked in the game. Its a red-dot type optic that offers accuracy to the shooters. It requires 10 kills or 210 credits (intially) to unlock the optic.


The Z-Point is a red-dot sight manufactured by Zeiss, a German optics manufacturer usually noted for their photographic lenses and other lens-related industrial products. It is marketed as the "Victory Z-Point Reflex Sight" and can be mounted on the Weaver rail on many semi-automatic and sporting rifles, the similar Picatinny rail, or mounted directly on specialized systems on the Sauer 202 and 303 rifles.[1] The brightness of the red dot is determined by ambient light, manually overrode, or turned off by a large, easy-to-use button. A hybrid power supply is used, featuring a battery and an integrated solar cell to ensure a long-lasting power supply.[2]

The Z-Point is also claimed to be free of a parallax from 1 meter to infinity.[3]


The Z-Point is the first optic to be unlocked in the game. Of course, if the Z-Point is the first optic to be unlocked, that means that the Z-Point is cheap (figuratively). It has low magnification, small optic picture, and thick frame obstructs most of the user's peripheral vision. Before we say that "Z-Point is useless", there are advantages from the optic. The Z-Point reduces recoil for weapons you attached. Because of the low magnification of the optic, the recoil can be reduced. Players will notice its low magnification; results include reduced recoil per shot; decreases in accuracy and a small optic to see. The raised optical sight and small sighting aperture makes the Z-Point hard to use for many. However, the low unlock requirements allow newer players to have access to even a usable reflex sight.

The Z-Point is preferred to use at close-mid range because of the lower recoil it provides compared to higher-magnifying optics. It is not useful for long range engagements because of the magnification of the attachment. Equipping the attachment to a weapon with controllable recoil, high damage and moderate rate of fire would be the best.

This sight also comes in handy for temporarily replacing the AN-94's iron sights, if you can hold strong enough to values to not just buy your preferred weapon sight for it. Incredibly, the AN-94's iron sights obscure much more of the screen than the Z-Point does.


  • The Z-Point is apparently only suitable for CQC.
    • This is not surprising as the Z-Point is only of 1.5x magnification
  • Some guns can't unlock the Z-Point optic. Most of these guns are ones that were added in later updates, such as the SA80 family of guns and the new MP5 variants.



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