Game Info

Currently, there are 71 weapons in-game with more to come, also, there are four soldier classes for all players to choose from: the Assault Class, the Scout Class, the Support Class, and the Recon Class. They all have different roles in combat, each with access to a specific type of weapons. Each class has their unique combination of weapon's categories. All guns have access to a number of attachments unlocked by getting a certain amount of kills with a weapon or buying them with Credits

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are weapons designed to be used at medium range, but can be mastered at both long range and close quarter combat. They can be both used for aggressive or defensive play styles. They have a good time-to-kill at medium range. The recoil of assault rifles is dependent on each weapon. Some assault rifles like SCAR-L have rather low recoil, and then some like AK-47 have very high recoil. In terms of statistics, these weapons are very middle ground. Unlike PDW's which have a high rate of fire but low damage, and LMG's which have a low rate of fire but high damage, assault rifles are medium in both. The average rate of fire for an assault rifle is 700-800 RPM and the shots to kill of them is usually around 4-5, However there are of course some exceptions, an example being the AK-47 which has a low ROF and high damage. The assault rifles are generally a well rounded, versatile group of weapons. All assault rifles currently have a 30 round magazine, the AS VAL has a 20-round magazine but can also be raised to 30 rounds via the "Extended Magazine" attachment. The starter gun for this class is the AK-12, which is unlocked immediately at rank 0.

Personal Defense Weapons

The PDW category contains a mixture of small caliber PDWs and weapons that would fall exclusively within the sub-machine gun category, like the MP5. PDW class weapons are those designed to be used in CQB combat but can also be used in medium range combat with practice and the right attachments. PDWs are generally light (they allow users to move faster than with, say, an LMG in its place). They usually have very high fire rates, low damage per shot and mediocre range limits. Some exceptions, like the UMP-45, have a high damage per shot and a low rate of fire. They are typically used for aggressive play styles, which allow the user to choose when they engage enemies. Most PDWs have a 30 round magazine, with the exceptions being the UMP 45 and Kriss Vector (25 round mag), and the P90 (50 round mag).

The starting weapon for this class is the MP5K, which is unlocked immediately at rank 0. PDWs are only available to the Scout Class, formerly known as the Engineer Class.

Light Machine Guns

The LMG category is unique to the Support class. LMGs are weapons designed to be used at medium or long range. They usually have a slow fire rate, high damage and notably larger magazines than other guns, except for the L86 LSW (30 rounds). All LMGs have an innate ability to suppress targets, whether individual players or groups of enemies. They also have a high penetration factor due to their heavy firepower, making them suitable for shooting enemies through walls. LMGs are most effective at medium range, where they can tear apart enemies with the sheer firepower users can unleash. They can be very accurate as well, and combined with their high damage per shot, LMGs can have serious long-range capabilities, but they usually have very high recoil, which makes some of them best with tap firing. They are also usually very heavy guns, so for this reason they aren't the best for running around with. The starting weapon for this class is the COLT LMG, which is unlocked immediately at rank 0.


Sniper Rifles are unique to the Recon Class. All sniper rifles are unique to other weaponry in terms of their fire-mode, as every weapon in the class is limited to Bolt-Action. Currently all sniper rifles except the Mosin-Nagant come with a 10x magnifying scope by default. L115A3 and AWS also come with 10x scopes, but not by default; they are available in the "optics" section in attachments and called PMII. These weapons are much slower than any other guns in the game, however they also have very high damage compared to other guns in the game to make up for it. They also currently have one ability that no other guns in the game have besides Henry 45/70 and Dragunov SVDS, and that is the ability to place a lethal headshot at any range. This makes their TTK very low in comparison to other weaponry. The starting weapon for this class is the Intervention, which is unlocked immediately at rank 0.


Carbines fill the gap between Assault Rifles and PDW's; they share traits to the both such as most having 30 round magazines and similar fire rates. Most of them drop off to a 6HKO at range, making them not the best weapons to use in ranged situations, but there are a couple exceptions like SR-3M and G36C that retain their ranged performance by only being 5HKO's. They usually have a decent rate of fire (currently, all carbines have a RoF that exceeds 700 RPM, but none exceed 800 RPM except for the SR-3M, which shoots at 900 RPM, and the M4 which shoots at 950 RPM), respectable damage and accuracy, but they cannot specialize for any role at all. The starting weapon for this class is the M4A1, which is unlocked immediately at rank 0.

Designated Marksman Rifles

The DMRs are long range semi-automatic rifles that fill the gap between Battle Rifles and Sniper Rifles, with relatively high damage output and a high rate of fire. The magazines can hold up to either 10 rounds or 20 rounds. While having high vertical recoil, the DMRs also have a very high accuracy, and can easily fight toe-to-toe with sniper rifles and LMGs. The starting weapon for this class is the MK11, which is unlocked at rank 3

Battle Rifles

A battle rifle is a military service rifle that fires a full-power rifle cartridge, such as 7.62×51mm NATO or 7.62×54mmR. The term 'battle rifle' is a neologism, created largely out of a need to better differentiate between the lower-power assault rifles (such as the StG-44, AK-47 and M16) from the full-powered automatic rifles (FN FAL, M14 rifle and H&K G3) as both classes of firearms have similar appearances and share many of the same features. This term is not defined in, or even frequently used in, military field manuals or government documents.

Battle rifles fill the middle ground of the Assault rifle and DMRs. They have a slow rate of fire like DMRs, but a high damage per shot. Battle rifles have a high recoil and aren't as accurate as purpose-built long distance weapons like sniper rifles, but they can serve the same role just as well. The starting weapon for this class is the SCAR-H, which is unlocked at rank 30.


Shotguns are close range weapons packing a big punch. All those in-game so far fire 12 gauge buckshot shells that use small steel balls, also known as pellets, to cause massive damage at short range (in-game, however, only 8 pellets ever come out of the barrel). They usually have a long reload, high damage and can hold up to 4-14 rounds at once. Currently, all of the shotguns are pump-action and the long reload is mitigated by the fact that the user can shoot while they are loading the shells, although aiming down sights is restricted while reloading. The starting weapon for this class is the KSG 12, which is unlocked at rank 1.

Secondary Weapons

Secondaries are weapons designed with CQB combat in mind, being small and light as opposed to primary weapons. They usually have relatively small magazines, they are limited to semi-automatic fire (with the exception of the fully automatic Glock 18 and TEC-9, the M93R with its three-round burst, and the pump-action Serbu Shotgun), do lots of damage in CQC, and their damage drop-off is drastic, making most of them only useful for short ranges. Pistols firing magnum-sized cartridges can have a longer effective range than one might expect, however.

The classifications of the secondary weapons as shown below is not an official part of Phantom Forces. We have classed them here based on their characteristics and best situations for use.


The pistols are the semi-automatic side arms that use a small cartridge like 9x19 NATO, with the starter M9 falling into this category of sidearms. Generally, they are accurate with a high maximum fire rate and a respectable magazine capacity. They are also very mobile and maneuverable. The pistols is effective at close to medium range; at long range, the damage drop-off makes them less effective. Pistols are most often found in action when the primary weapon of a user empties before all enemies are dead, or when the user finds him/herself in a situation ill-suited for his primary weapon, i.e when climbing stairs with a sniper rifle as a primary.

Machine Pistols

The rapid fire pistols are the side arms that have access to fully automatic or burst fire modes. In general, They have a large magazine capacity for low-caliber rounds and an extremely high rate of fire. The trade-off is nearly uncontrollable recoil, nasty bullet spread, and lower damage at range than the regular pistols in Phantom Forces. Due to that, rapid fire pistols are only recommended for usage in CQC gunfights or as backup weapons, and require trigger control and practice to be able to not spray the whole mag at a single target in combat. Firing short bursts can minimize ammunition wastage, as a full magazine from any one of these pistols does far more damage than is necessary for killing an enemy. In their intended role as a nearly absolute guarantee for one last kill, or as CQC weapons, they excel. All of the rapid fire pistols yet in the game also feature a semi-auto fire mode, which can be switched to and from by pressing V on the keyboard. Unfortunately, as they do low damage per shot and have subpar accuracy compared to any of the other pistols available, they may be found lacking in this role.


The revolver pistols are secondary weapons that fire large magnum-size cartridges with higher stopping power than the regular pistols. They have low magazine capacities and low rates of fire compared to other pistols. They also suffer high recoil per shot. However, their damage per shot is incredibly high for the sidearm category and accuracy is comparable to high damage weapon classes like DMR. Some as of yet in-game can kill with single headshot at short ranges. They can even be effective at long ranges, and some have special bonuses (x2 headshot damage). If you can, it may be preferable to go for headshots, as this minimizes the time-to-kill with these pistols.


These weapons are essentially sawed-off versions of weapons in their class,being lighter and being able to be wielded as a secondary, at the cost of damage and accuracy. They are a more niche class of secondary, filling a role a primary can't like lots of damage in CQC (Serbu) or taking out enemies at longer ranges (Obrez). Overall, a unique class of weapons that, while not advised to be used like an M9 or G17, still do their job very well and are good choices of secondary when needed. The term Sawed-off is not necessary using a saw to cut the barrel. The Barrels can be manufactured at shorter lengths as an alternative to traditional, longer barrels (source).

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are close range weapons that can be really powerful when stabbing enemies in the back or head. They are mostly used for sneaky kills, or assaulting the hill or flare points. The knife is the starter melee, and the first one hand blade. Whenever it's a Melee vs. Melee, it depends who would win, since some are long, short, and the speed of the melee, however, it's mostly a draw. Melee weapons do a good amount of damage in the head, mostly an instant kill. To equip a melee, press the 3 key, or press F for a quick stab, and press and hold F to quip it. Right clicking while holding a melee can give you an advantage to stab your enemy in the head.

One Hand Blade

One hand blades are blades that are held with only one hand, and are light to run with. Although they are short, they can be really powerful when it's the head or back (take the Karambit R for an example). When holding a one hand blade, you would mostly outrun someone (like the knife), making it powerful when a group of enemies are inbound.

Two Hand Blade

Two hand blades are blades that are held with both hands, and are powerful. Since they are quite long, you can kill an enemy from a few studs longer (like the Hattori). Two hand blades do a large amount of damage in the front, and they all instant kill an enemy in the head. Although they are powerful, they are a little slow when moving, making a light melee catching up and killing you sometimes. It is good to use it when there is a a group, since you can sometimes kill them faster than them.

One Hand Blunt

One hand blunts are blunt melees held with a single hand, and most of the times are light to run with, like the one hand blades. One hand blunts are good when assaulting people since they do quite big damage (for example, the trench mace). Although some are weaker than blades when it comes to front damage, they do good head and back damage.

Two Hand Blunt

Two hand blunts are long blunt melees that are held with both hands, and just like the two hand blades, they can kill an enemy a few studs further. Although they are a bit heavy, they can do great damage to the head (just like the sledge hammer), mostly an instant kill. They are useful when someone tries kill you with a melee by hitting them in the head, although you sometimes still get hit by the enemy.