In Phantom Forces all weapons have access to a number of gun attachments, whether they are barrel, underbarrel or rail mounted. Every attachment has a different effect on the stats of the gun, having upsides and downsides. Below is a list of all currently available attachments.

Primary Weapons Attachments

Optics do not have any actual effect on the stability or recoil of the weapons, with the exception of the V-COG. They only help to get a better field of view, easier to aim, to predict the bullet drop and increase or decrease the magnfication level.

Optics are separated by magnification into Sights (less than 2x magnification), Rifle scopes (2-4x magnification) and Sniper Scopes (more than 4x magnification). Click here for optic comparison.

Sights Rifle Scopes Sniper Scopes
M4 Iron Sights RobloxScreenShot20170706 163729493 SNIPERSCOPE-US-GENERIC
Iron Sights (Default): 0 kills PSO-1: 0 kills Sniper Scope (Default): 0 kills
Z-Point Comp Aimpoint RobloxScreenShot20170706 164801925
Z-Point: 10 kills Comp Aimpoint: 130 kills PM II: 0 kills
EOTech XPS2: 55 kills C79: 125 kills VCOG 6x: 455 kills
MARS: 70 kills M145: 185 kills
EOTech552 ACOG
EOTech 552: 85 kills ACOG Scope: 430 kills
Reflex Sight: 285 kills
PKA-S: 225 kills
Coyote Sight: 380 kills
Kobra Sight: 330 kills

These are barrel mounted attachments that will affect gunshot noise, accuracy, damage, and range (suppressors and flash hiders), or vertical and horizontal recoil (muzzle brake and compensator).

Flash and Sound Suppression Recoil Compensation
Suppressor Compensator
R2 suppressor Muzzle Brake
ARS suppressor
PSB-4 suppressor
PSB-1 suppressor
Flash hider

These are underbarrel rail mounted attachments that will affect accuracy, blowback and torque recoil, and stability in both hip and aimed fire.

Grips Miscellaneous
Vertical Grip Red Laser
Angled Grip Flashlight
Folding Grip
Stubby Grip

These are attachments mounted on the side rails next to the barrel and stock which offer various bonuses, such as an extra set of sights, or a laser which affects spread and stability. The Ballistics Tracker is unique for marking a white diamond over the head of any enemy when aiming down sights (basically autospotting), compensating for bullet drop, but not for lead.

Backup sights Aid aiming Ammunition Other
Canted Delta Sights Green Laser Shotgun ammunition types Extended Magazine (AS VAL ONLY!)
Canted Iron Sights Laser
Ballistics Tracker

Secondary Weapons Attachments

The gun sights mounted on sidearms are different than the ones mounted on primary weapons in a way that they usually have lower magnification and are generally of smaller size.

Aperture Sights Red Dot Sights
Full-Ring Sight Delta Sight
Half-Ring Sight VCOG 6x Scope
Mini Sight

Secondary weapons use most of the same barrel attachments available for primary weapons.

Flash and Sound Suppression Recoil Compensation
Suppressor Compensator
R2 suppressor Muzzle Brake
ARS suppressor
Flash hider

The attachments to help aiming

Aid aiming

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