A picture of a player at the hill
Vital statistics
Type Storage Facility
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown

Warehouse is the most recent map added to Phantom Forces on version 1.4.5. The map was created by shaylan007, one of the developers of the game. The map is an indoor map taking place inside of a large warehouse. It has (non -driveable) vehicles, kill rooms and a small gas station. The map can be both a CQB map and a long range map, depending on where the fighting takes place. On the outskirts of the map there are long, clear roads flanked by similar-looking buildings, and in the center of the map there are a lot of closely-knitted buildings clustered together.


  • Basketball Court
  • Gas Station Area


  • There are several easter eggs throughout the map, such as an image of a large amount of FAMAS's being disposed of in a garbage can, a corgi looking concerned/scared, and an image of Michael Cera's face being displayed on a PC monitor.
  • The map resembles a well-known airsoft field, Gamepod Combat Zone, in San Francisco.
  • Due to Roblox's physics engine, it is occasionally possible for the player to be flung skyward by basketballs when walking over them. This can kill the player in rare circumstances.
  • In the basketball court, the words 'South Park' are sprayed on the wall. This could suggest that the creators like South Park.

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