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The votekick system that has been implemented in Phantom Forces is used to kick unwanted players in a server by a certain amount of people who contribute the removal of a player/players. The system is intended to be implemented against hackers, but some player abuse has been reported.

To start a votekick, a player must type in "/votekick:[insert player's name]", removing the "[" and "]"(Example: /votekick:alphaundercat2 to kick the player "alphaundercat2"). Other players who wish to join the vote must type in the same command and target the same player's name to contribute to the votekick.

Any player can attempt to votekick any player in the server, including their self. However, the kick must be voted on by the majority of the server to approve the kick. Sadly, most of the time people do not votekick and/or do not notice the votekick has begun.

NOTE: Votekicking does NOT send a report to Stylis Studios, to actually report and ban the player, you have to join the StyLis Studios Discord > #exploiter-reporting > Follow the instruction on that channel.

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