Vertical Grip



Attachment Type Underbarrel
Kills Required 45 Kills
Available on All Primaries except L22, MAC-10, Groza-1 and MP7

"Improves hipfire stability and gun recoil recovery while reducing hipfire spread. Rougher recoil handling while aiming sights. " - In-game Description

The Vertical Grip gives substantial benefits to hipfire statistics, with a slight increase to camera and visible recoil in aimed fire, resulting in slightly reduced aim stability. It is usually the first grip attachment to be acquired by all primary weapons.

In Game

The Vertical Grip, as stated above, favours Hip Stability over Aim Stability. Its ability to excel at hipfiring (and by extension, close-quarters combat) allows it to naturally work with weapons that utilise a fast rof and work best in a CQC role such as Shotguns, PDW's, Carbines and some assault rifles (FAMAS, AS VAL etc.).

The main problem with the grip is that it suffers worse recoil while the player is aimed down the sights. With some weapons, the recoil is harsh enough with stock attachments, so sometimes it is worth to get the compensator or muzzle brake before using the vertical grip. The slower ADS speed can affect the weapon, if the user still regularly ADS's with it.


  • Weapons that have poor ADS control such as the Colt SMG 635 and M231 stand to benefit the most from the Vertical Grip, as it improves upon their already extraordinary hipfire capabilities. Light machine guns that have poor hipfire control, such as the M60, benefit far more from having a grip that balances aiming and firing from the hip.
  • The Stubby Grip, Folding Grip, and Angled Grip are better options for players who prefer to aim down sights.
  • When paired with a Laser, hipfiring a weapon can be a much more viable choice in protracted short-range engagements.
  • All underbarrel attachments (with the exception of the Laser) will increase the time it takes to aim.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent hipfire control.
  • Reduced hipfire spread.
  • Faster recoil recovery rate.
  • First underbarrel attachment to be unlocked.


  • Aimed control is poor.
  • Slightly reduces ADS speed (as with all grips.)


  • The Vertical Grip is one of the few attachments that benefit Hip Stability.
  • The L22 uses the same attachment model as the Vertical Grip except with green skin.
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