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VCOG 6x Scope

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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 455 Kills
Available on All Primary Weapons, M9, M93R, Serbu Shotgun, and Obrez

The VCOG 6x Scope is an attachment available for all primary and five secondary weapons - the M9, M93R, Serbu Shotgun, SFG 50, and Obrez. It is unlocked at 455 kills or can be purchased with credits.


The VCOG 6x scope is a hunting and military purpose telescope sight. VCOG stands for Variable Combat Optical Gunsight. It has a variable zoom from 1 to 6 times magnification, though the in-game version is fixed at 6x.


The VCOG is fixed at x6 zoom. It's useful for DMRs and other long range rifles. It has a slightly faster aiming time than the regular optical sniper scope. The VCOG dramatically decreases the accuracy on long range rifles, such as DMRs, sniper rifles and some assault rifles. However, it can greatly increase the accuracy of short-range weapons, excluding shotguns. If you use the VCOG on shotguns it will decrease the accuracy stat, and the stat bar will go into negative. It can surprisingly be used on two pistols, the M9, the M93R, and additionally the Obrez. Putting this on the M9 or M93R is a bad choice, as both are pistols designed for CQC. However the M9 does 20 as its base damage, which is equivalent to many assault rifles. For the Obrez while it might seem like a good idea as it's a sort of pocket sniper, this is based on user preference if one desires to sacrifice the potentially large but limited close quarters capabilities the weapon has to dedicate it to long-ranged duty.

Since most sniper rifles in game have a magnification greater than 6x, equipping a VCOG will provide much less zoom compared to their default scopes. However, this may be preferable due to the lower magnification offering a much better field of view to acquire targets and to see incoming threats. This can be used on rifles that benefit from a higher zoom than normal optics, like the AN-94, which can use its burst mode to accurately land shots at long range. However, it is recommended to attach a Canted sight to maintain the rifle's close combat capability when applicable.


  • Unfortunately, unlike the real life variant and acronym, the zoom is not variable.
  • Like the ACOG, the VCOG is also designed and manufactured by Trijicon.
    • The reticle is the VCOG-VC16-C-1600005 model.



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