So a few of you may know me over from the Apoc Rising wiki. As I've been getting back into Phantom Forces lately, I thought I'd put up some new ideas for the game, including ideas for mechanics and gear. Most of this won't be super-high detail, so you can refine the basic ideas in your own mind



Category: Assault Rifle

Unlock level: 63

Stats Summary:

Pros: Good damage over range (roughly same as L85A2), high hipfire accuracy, good ADS accuracy and recoil, high velocity

Cons: Long reload, mediocre sights, below-avg fire rate (650 RPM)

Variants: QBZ-97 (lower unlock, lower damage, can pick up ammo from all 5.56 weapons), QBB-95 (LMG variant, lower hipfire accuracy and more weight, but much larger magazine and suppression), QBZ-95B (Carbine variant, even higher hipfire accuracy, slightly faster reload, lower damage and accuracy over range, higher recoil, cannot mount grips)


Category: LMG (GPMG IRL, but no such category is available in-game)

Unlock level: 56

Stats Summary:

Pros: High damage (only bested in-category by the M60), high mag size, good spread, good DPS, high velocity

Cons: High recoil, low hipfire accuracy, slow move speed

vs M60: Slightly lower damage, less accuracy when tap-fired, can mount canted sights, lower recoil (though still high), higher hipfire accuracy, slightly faster reload

Variants: PKP-BP (bullpup variant, much higher hipfire accuracy, and slightly faster move speed but lower damage at range, slightly lower accuracy, slightly slower reload, and incapable of using canted sights; unlock level 91)


Category: Assault Rifle OR Carbine

Unlock Level: 61

Stats Summary: 

Pros: Good fire rate (800 RPM), good hipfire accuracy, reasonably low vertical recoil

Cons: Mediocre accuracy and reload speed, poor velocity and damage at range, moderate horizontal recoil

Variants: N/A

Saiga 12G

Category: Shotgun

Unlock Level: 36

Stats Summary:

Pros: Good fire rate in class (semi-automatic), decent recoil, good hipfire accuracy, magazine reload (all shells loaded at once)

Cons: Poor damage in close quarters (compaired to other shotguns), cannot use birdshot

Variants: N/A


Category: PDW

Unlock level: 71

Pros: INSANE fire rate (900 RPM) and mag size (70+1), good iron sights, decent damage at close range

Cons: High vertical recoil, poor accuracy, velocity and damage at range

Variants: None

Kriss Vector

Category: PDW 

Unlock level: 93

Pros: INSANE fire rite (1200 RPM), low recoil (still high due to fire rate), good hipfire accuracy, good damage at close range

Cons: Horrendous accuracy, low mag size (18+1), horrible velocity and penetration, burns through ammo quickly

Variants: Vector 9mm (lower unlock level and damage in CQB, same fire rate, even less recoil, much larger mag [30+1], slightly better accuracy at range)


Category: PDW

Unlock level: 57

Pros: HUGE magazine size (64+1), good accuracy and recoil, large ammo pool

Cons: "Meh" fire rate (750 RPM), low damage and velocity, cannot mount underbarreled attachments aside from stubby and angled grip and laser, slow reload


Category: PDW

Unlock level: 31

Pros: Very low recoil, fast reload, high ammo capacity (44+1), good accuracy

Cons: Mediocre fire rate (760 RPM), average damage (30-21)

Variants: PP-2000C


Category: Machine Pistol

Unlock level: 41

Pros: Very low recoil, fast reload, high reserve ammo (20+60), can use rifle sights (i.e. Kobra and ACOG), good accuracy

Cons: Mediocre fire rate (650 RPM), small-ish mag size (20+1), high-ish TTK

Variants: PP-2000


Category: Machine Pistol

Unlock level: 96

Pros: Large magazine size (20), low recoil in-class, good accuracy and velocity, can mount unique 3x scope in "other" slot, very fast fire rate and deploy time

Cons: Very long reload (ammo loaded via 2 10rnd clips, takes up to 4 seconds), semi-auto only (fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, like a Jakobs revolvers in Borderlands 2), average damage

Variants: none

.44 Magnum

Category: Revolver

Unlock level: 44

Pros: Good damage at all ranges, decent velocity, can use rifle sights (XPS2, ACOG, Kobra, etc.), high accuracy

Cons: INSANE recoil, mediocre fire rate, can't use suppressors, loud

Vs DEagle .44: Higher fire rate (550 RPM vs 400 RPM), slightly higher velocity, lower mag size (6 vs 8+1), can mount more types of optics, slightly longer reload, more accuracy


Category: Pistol

Unlock level: 53

Pros: High velocity, Fast reload (shared with most pistols), Good damage, Very high hipfire accuracy

Cons: Small-ish magazine size (12+1), somewhat-high recoil (lower than the 1911 but still higher than the M9)

Variants: CZ-75 Phantom (Unlocked at lvl 75, Higher magazine cap of 18+1, slightly lower damage, velocity, and recoil)

Luger P08

Category: Pistol

Unlock level: 80

Pros: High accuracy, velocity. Low recoil. Best reload speed and hipfire accuracy in class. Good damage balance (3-5 shots to kill)

Cons: Small magazine size (8+1), mediocre damage, cannot mount lasers or red dot sights

Variants: none


Category: One-handed blade (melee)

Unlock rank: 105 Pros: Faster than machete with better headshot multiplier. Primary attack is large area sweep while secondary is precise and quick

Cons: Short range (1.8 studs), somewhat slow, high unlock


Category: One-handed blade

Unlock level: N/A (unlocked from cases)

Pros: Fast, high damage, good reach (2.5 studs), precise

Cons: Lower run speed than other melees (.5 less than other melees), somewhat hard to use due to low radius of attack, hard to unlock


Category: Two-handed blade

Unlock level: Unlocked upon reaching 1000 melee kills

Pros: VERY large attack radius and good reach for primary. Good reach for secondary attack. Average speed. High damage

Cons: Slower run speed than other melees

Entrenchment Tool

Category: One-handed blunt.

Unlock level: N/A (from cases)

Pros: Quick, good reach, wide primary attack and precise secondary

Cons: Average damage (70), hard to unlock, slow(ish) recovery


Other Stuff

Add a como rose

Give random crate for every 250 kills with a weapon. The more kills you get the higher the chance of getting a higher tier crate. Crates come with a key.

Add uniform customization. Would work basically like weapon skins, but for the uniform. Perhaps have a vet-exclusive uniform skin too

"Fix" minimap so that the level of transparency of players on radar corresponds to vertical level (more opaque means on your level, relatively clear means far below or above you) 

Equipment Mechanics

2 types of equipment per class: Combat and Supportive 


Supportive gadgets include - Medkits and Stim kits (Stim kits quickly heal up a specific ally and give them a short stat boost while medkits heal multiple allies within a small range and can be thrown)

Offensive gadgets include - Grenade launchers


Supportive gadgets include - Motion detectors and spawn beacons

Offensive gadgets include - Self-stim (faster run speed, incapable of ADS), smoke launchers


Supportive gadgets include - Ammo crates and health stations (less mobile than medkits, but larger radius)

Offensive gadgets include - Mines, claymores (manually detonated directional mines, but more descreet and more powerful), thermite traps (detonated manually, cause damage to anyone who passes through an area, 2 second delay upon activation), shields


Supportive gadgets include - Decoys and thermal range finders

Offensive gadgets include - Tripwires and ghillie suits

Balance/Gameplay Changes

Decrease the M60's damage at range and velocity so that the latter is on par with the current SVU

Prevent BFG from using suppressors and other sights

Nerf the fire rate of the KSG and make it a 2 shot kill at point blank instead of a 1-shot. Increase range and reload speed slightly to compensate

Buff the AN-94's damage to be on par with that of the L85A2

Decrease AUG series' reload speed by 0.3 seconds, excluding the AUG HBAR

Improve the hit detection/netcode. This might just be ROBLOX's engine/servers but I'm sick of getting killed from around corners

Increase the SVU's velocity slightly

Prevent shotguns from using suppressors 

Increase size of lower-floor windows on warehouse map to make vaulting them easier (as of now, it can be somewhat finicky)

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