Page Purpose

  • To inform the wiki goers when the next PF update will likely happen.
  • The possible features of the upcoming update.
  • Make suggestions for future updates

Writing Formats

Next Update (Format):


 Time: estimated time to the next update. 

Features of the Future (Format):


 Feature: possible features to be added (could add links to confirmed to be added pages) 

Suggestions (how to write) *if you have better idea for format, please edit*:

Write suggestions in this format:


(write what it is about first)

"Category: Weapons (you could add a link to the weapons suggestions page)"

(Then write what it is you want changed)

Add "so and so" or Change "this and that"

Next Update

Features of the Future (update ;)

Suggestions (make edit below this to write the suggestions)

  1. Category: Skins-Remove the rarity system!
  2. Category: Updates-Make more updates!

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