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Title 1

This page shows what the buttons are. Mostly, this can be used for new Editors and Contributors.

Main Page

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
  1. Phantom Forces Wiki Logo - clicking this will lead you to main page.
  2. Top Navigation - This navigates the pages of PFW.
    1. On the Wiki - This section shows the content of the wiki. We have 7 kinds inside on "On the Wiki"
      1. Wiki Activity - Shows the whole activity of the content.
      2. Random Page - When you click this any page will be opened radomly.
      3. Videos - Library of Videos. It shows all videos created and who they are created by.
      4. Photos - Library of Photos. It shows all pictures created and who they are created by..
      5. Chat - You can talk with active contributors.
      6. Forum - You can reply discussopns of our contributors.
      7. Maps - You can make your own map by clicking this on the top navigation.
    2. Wiki Content - this section is shows info about the wiki. We have 4 "Wiki Contents"
      1. Recent Changed Pages - shows all recent edits from pages.
      2. Weaponry - shows all list of weapons available on Phantom Forces.
      3. Attachments - shows all list of attachments available on Pahntom Forces
      4. Maps - shows all list of maps available on Phantom Forces
    3. PFW - This section shows additional pages that you need to see! We have 5 "PFWs"
      1. Wiki Staff - shows all staff from the wiki.
      2. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for short. Shows are answers where most players asked.
      3. Tactics - these are tips/strategies posted by staff or contributors to help you at battle.
      4. Links - these links where you can see pages related to the wiki.
      5. Change Log - Official log for updates.
    4. Review - This ection where we need our help. We have 5 "Reviews"
      1. Projects - This page where this wiki comes together to organize and discuss the projects of the wiki.
      2. Articles - You can see here the Most Popular, Page recently changed and Page browsed.
      3. Navigation - You can see here you need to edit. You can add points with editing!
      4. Special Pages - You can see here the pages with problems on editing.
      5. Policy - You can see here the Rules and Regulations of this wiki.
  3. Contribute - This also an another way to contribute to the wiki.
  4. Title & Edit Button - this where you can see the name of an article and use it top edit the page.
  5. Random Page Photo - changes monthly; When you click this any page will be opened randomly.
  6. Current Version - The current vesion of the game; changes when the is an update.
  7. Statistics - This info, you can see the creation of the wiki, all apges, edits and photos uploaded.
  8. Social - You can use this by communicating each other.
    1. Chat - You can chat on the wiki
    2. Forum - You can reply to discussions
    3. Facebook - You can see here the updates on Stylis Studios on Facebook.
  9. News and Announcements - shows notice, warning or announcements about the wiki.
  10. Navigation - Shows and leads you to a useful page.
  11. Registration - This is the answer why we need to log-in.
  12. Rules and Guidelines - This is useful for new editors to know what is prohibited and what is permitted.
  13. Polls - Vote. There are 3 sections on polls
    1. Article of the Month - Vote to this section to post it on #16.
    2. Game - Survey/questions about the game
    3. Wiki - survey/questions about the wiki
  14. Slider - shows recent major updates on the game.
  15. Introduction - An Introduction about PFW.
  16. Article of the Month Post - the info will be shown on a winner on the polls.
  17. Latest Activity - Shows all recent edits or comments by users.

Your Account 

Tutorial 5
  1.  Avatar - to see what account is signed in
  2. Message Wall - to see your messages on your account
  3. My Preferences - to see your contributions and your settings
  4. Help - to help you in contributing
  5. Log-out - to log-out your account.

Weapon Pages

Tutorial 6

Tutorial 7

  1. Information - You can see here the name, edit button and number of pages on this wiki.
  2. Infobox - Information of a weapon
    1. Weapon Type - Primary or Secondary
    2. Weapon Class - shows that weapon is classified as.
    3. Rank Prerequitsities - shows what rank is required to unlock the gun
    4. Or buy it with - if the player didnt reach that rank, the player can buy the weapon. Shows initial credits.
    5. Damage and Range - shows stats of the weapon on damage and range
    6. Suppressed Info - shows reduced amount of damage and range on every suppressors/
    7. Attachments - shows all list of attachments available on the gun.
  3. History - shows a backstory about the gun in reality.
  4. In-Game - shows some tips/inspection about the gun.
  5. Trivia - facts about the gun.
  6. Gallery - some screenshots or videos about the gun
  7. Reference - links where the info on history is gathered.
  8. Navbox - shows all list of weapons
  9. Category - shows categories on the gun.


Tutorial 8

  1. Title - name of the discussion
  2. Discussion - you can see his/her posts
  3. Reply - opinions or reactions about the topic.
  4. Kudos - you can like the discussion or like it.
  5. Chat - communicate with other users.
  6. Forum Activity - shows recent posts or discussions.

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