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Title 2

This document is intended to be a Quick Tutorial. Please amend this description to reflect purpose of this document.

Sample Code

See the following example, taken from SCAR-L; trivia section. (2 Apr 2016)

* Except the color, magazine size and the different caliber type, the SCAR-L model is the same as the [[SCAR-H]].
* SCAR-L has the 3rd person model of the Alpha M4.
* The SCAR-L has '''yellow''' skin to differentiate it from it's bigger brother, the [[SCAR-H]].

We will be referring to this code segment in this document.

Note on Code Segment

This guide was originally written for mid-level players. The Alternate was written for low-level players, who are just starting out.


Most of the codes are of a basic format. Either double "{" and closed with double "}" (curly brackets) or double "[" closed with double "]" (square brackets) or single straight quotes " ' ". Some codes from HTML 5 do support Wikia. such as <center>.

Basic Formatting Codes

Basic formatting codes are simple instructions that tell the wiki you want more than plain text in a single paragraph. =D


The extra line between paragraphs creates a new paragraph. If the line is removed, the two paragraphs will join. Two empty lines between paragraphs increases the space between paragraphs.

A colon ":" means indent, like so:

Indent / block paragraph.


The asterisk "*" at the beginning of a line (no space in front) means the wiki should insert a bullet like this:

  • bullet

A "#" (hash/pound) sign means a numbered list, like so:

# Item 1
# Item 2
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2

You can combine paragraph code and list code thus:

::* Sub level
:::# Item 1, Sub 1
  • Sub level
  1. Item 1, Sub 1

or you can add indent by adding more list code:

* Title
  • Title
    • Sub-title
  1. Media
    1. Photo
    2. Video

Inserting a space (by pressing enter) before the start of your text is recommended and improves readability in the source code.

Italics & Boldface

gives italics.

gives bold.

'''''bold and italicized'''''

gives bold and italicized.


This code shows a main part of the topic such as the gun's history and trivia. Using this code creates a table of content. Which helps users to navigate throughout the page.
Normal text

==Heading 2==

===Heading 3===

====Heading 4====

=====Heading 5=====


Reference Code

This code's purpose is to show what data is gathered from another external page.

<ref>[[AN-94]] AN-94</ref>



and to show all summary of reference quotes:

<references />


  1. AN-94 AN-94

NOTE: This two codes must be performed or else an error will occur.

Internal Links

gives AN-94. The square brackets mean you are trying to link to a page on the wiki. "AN-94" is the name of the page.

Note: If it didn't work as you expected, check your spelling and the capitalization. :)

You can also change the name of the link. But it will lead you to the same page:

[[AN-94|2-Burst Gun]]
gives 2-Burst Gun.

These are the basics. As you edit other work, you will learn more from other people's "codes".


Sometimes we use Tables to organize and summarize data, particularly when there is large amounts of it -- e.g., for Battle Maps.

Code segment for Tables follow:

 {| class="wikitable"
 ! Header 1
 ! Header 2
 ! Header 3
 | row 1, cell 1
 | row 1, cell 2
 | row 1, cell 3
 | row 2, cell 1
 | row 2, cell 2
 | row 2, cell 3

The preceding code produces:

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3

Code Definitions

{| and |} start and end tables respectively.

|- marks the beginning of a new row (a set of cells arranged in a horizontal manner.)

! marks the beginning of a new header cell (for titles - please do not use this as a lazy way to bold the contents of a cell)... Header cells may be assigned special functions, e.g., for sorting.

| at the beginning of a line is used to mark the beginning of a new cell. When this symbol is used elsewhere, it may be used to separate the cell formatting from its contents. E.g.,
| align="center" | centered contents

Wikipedia's Help:Table is a more complete in detail and includes advanced code &/ options if you need it.


Templates are documents written by (advanced) coders to allow Phantom Forces Wiki to have a consistent look throughout. The curly brackets really mean "insert this document here, with the following conditions." xD

Delete Template

This template's purpose is to mark a warning or a notice that the page is about to be deleted. Simply put the code

to use the template.

Template "Weapon"

Main Page:Template:Weapon

place an image. Only 225px and below.
Type 1 for Primary and 2 for Secondary. Any character dont match will show "N/A".
Type 1 for Assault Rifle, 2 for PDW, 3 for LMG, 4 for Sniper, 5 for Carbine, 6 for DMR, 7 for Battle Rifle, 8 for Shotgun, 9 for Pistol, 10 for Machine Pistol, 11 for Revolver and 12 for Others. Any character dont match will show "N/A".
What level to unlock the gun?
How many damage per shot?
How many range it take?
place an image. Only 125px and below.
Place an image. Only 125px and below.
Place an image. Only 125px and below.
|Magazine Size= 
How many bullets on a gun. Not included chambered.
|Ammo Reserve= 
How many bullets in reserve.
|Fire Modes= 
Semi, Auto or Burst. Add RPM.
|Ammo Type= 
Trivial, type of ammo used.
Type yes or no. ITS CHARACTER SENSITIVE. It must be lower cased.
Advanced Stats
This section is still experimental.
Place image of Time to Kill illustration. Only 150px and below.
Default value is 1.4. Shows the multiplier at headshot.
Default value is 1. Shows the multiplier at torso shot
This is the queue of the suppressed info table. Type 'a' for weapons with ntegral sppressor, 'b' for secondary weapons (except Serbu Shotgun) and 'c' for shotgun.
Damage and Range. IDK what this is.
Type the depth penetration of the bullet when hits a building.
Amount of camera shaking when the bullet near misses the player.
The NUMBER/AMOUNT of accuracy of the weapon.
The time of camera recoil after hipfiring.
The time of camera recoil after aim firing.
I'm not pro at physics so, I have no idea :)
The NUMBER/AMOUNT of hip stability of the weapon.
Camera recoil made when aim firing.
No idea. So, ask lito, or axis.
place the amount of Field of View when equipping weapon.
duration of reload when magazine is loaded.
duration of reload when magazine is empty.
How fast the weapon equips.
How fast the weapon aims.
Size of the crosshair while steadying.
Size of the crosshair while hipfiring.
Walkspeed when walking.
Walkspeed when aiming.
|Ammo Type= 
Type of ammo used on weapon (cosmetic).
WTF is this?

For ready-to-use template, please visit Ready_to_use_Weapon_template..


Wikia has an extension called "Tabber". They give content and title on every tab; the purpose is to make the wiki more organized and more designed.

Optics, Underbarrel, Barrel, Other
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary


Optics, Underbarrel, Barrel, Other

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Template "Attachment"

Main Page:Template:Attachment

1 for Optics, 2 for Underbarrel, 3 for Barrel and 4 for Others. Any characters not match says "N/A".
How many kills to unlock attachment
How many credits to buy the gun (initial). Kills+200=Buy
What weapon is available with this attachment?
Put down gun type. If there are exceptions, italicized the text.

Template "Ambox"

Main Page:Template:Ambox

Description and usage

This template is used to create article management templates. Note: This template requires sitewide CSS!

Use {{ambox|<...>}} on a template page, filling in the various options. The created template is then used at the top of various wiki pages to notify the user of issues.

Article management boxes should be used sparingly, as it can get in the way of content.

Named parameters

image for use on the left, defaults to File:Wiki.png. Takes full image code, e.g. [[File:Wiki.png|50px]]. The image box area has a limit of 60px width.
top line text
list of extra info
border colour (defaults to green)
ambox-red (serious issue)
ambox-orange (important issue)
ambox-yellow (mild issue)
ambox-green (something good)
extra style parameters (unlikely to be used)
background color (default white)
font color (default grey)



| type = I am type
| info = I am info

Red + image

| image = [[File:Example.jpg|50px]]
| border = red
| type = I am type
| info =
* I am info

Other colors







Other Templates

  • Template Stub
  • Template Underconstruction
  • Outdated
  • Navbox

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