This tutorial shows some info on Phantom Forces. It also shows some tactics, HOW-TOs and buttons.

This is tutorial's main purpose is to share information for new players.

Game Navigation

This part is where you know how to start the game, switch weapons, attachments and class.


TUTOR2 copy
  1. Menu HUD - Shows everything. Gun customization, stats and info. It also show upon death or force respawning. Sometimes, the HUD Design changes.
  2. Bulletin Wall - Shows updates, announcements and happenings at the game.
  3. Weapon - Shows appearance and perspective of a weapon. You can look your weapon at any sides by dragging your mouse at any direction. You can also zoom in and zoom out by using mouse wheel.
  4. Player Stats - This where a player can look his/her stats. From Rank, overall Kill - Death Ratio to Experience.
  5. Weapon Name - Used to view your equipped primary and secondary weapon.
  6. Game Options - Used to change both aim and look sensitivity.
  7. Loadout Button - Gives list of weapons and attachments to equip a certain weapon or attachment.
  8. Deploy - Play the game
  9. Main Menu - Shows weapon's perspective, player stats and current map and gamemode loaded.
  10. Intermission - A map is being loaded. It always happens after confirming the team winner.
  11. Deployment Zones - Shows where to spawn. You can also choose who player will spawn on.
  12. Class Loadouts - 4 Types of loadout presets. Every Classes has 4 gun classes: Carbine, Shotgun, Marksman and a respective class. Assault Rifles, PDWs, LMGs and Sniper Rifles are the classes on any respective loadout.
  13. Credits - Used for buying weapons or attachments. You can get credits on 2 ways: Leveling up and buying credits thru. ROBUX.
  14. Map and Gamemode - Shows what map and gamemode is currently playing.
  15. Change Gun - Shows all the list of weapons; both locked and unlocked.
  16. Attachment Class - Shows list of attachments. Its classified into 4. Optics, Underbarrel, Barrel, Other.
  17. Locked Attachment - Any attachment that locked is inaccessible. It can be unlocked by either kill enemies on certain amount or buy using credits. The price will decrease if you get a kill.
  18. Unlocked Attachment - This is where you can use and equip the attachment. Attachment gives an advantage and downside to both the weapon and the weapon user.
  19. Weapon Stats - Shows overall kills, equipped attachments, damage and trivial infos.
  20. Weapon Name and Attachments - Used to view your equipped primary, secondary weapon and their equipped attachments.
  21. Attachments - Shows all the list of attachments; both locked and unlocked.
  22. Weapon Types - Shows list of weapons. Its classified into 4: Carbine, Shotgun, Marksman and a respective loadout.
  23. List of Weapons - Same as #18 and #19, There are locked and unlocked weapons. Instead of kills that required, its the rank it requires.
  24. Chat - To post a message. Type "/" for  a chat. Type "/" and "%" for a team chat.


  1. Ammo Meter - Shows both magazine size and ammo reserve, fire mode, grenade count and health meter. 
  2. Enemy - You can spot an enemy "E". The yellow diamond part is the ballistics tracker. Aim and shoot yellow diamond marker to make a headshot.
  3. Kill Feed - Recent kill activity. A "Scope and head icon" means headshot kill.
  4. Gamemode - shows what gamemode in this match.
  5. In-Game HUD - shows 15 minute counter, radar and scoreboard. GT means Ghost and PH means Phantoms.
  6. Kill Notification - Shows wo kills you, what weapon his/her using, what attachment in the gun, what rank and what health.
  7. Team mates - Names and health meter above the player's head means the player is a team mate.

Game Controls


  • WASD - Move
  • Shift + WASD - Sprint
  • C - Crouch/Prone
  • X - Stand-up
  • Space - Jump
  • Control (Ctrl) - Prone

Aiming and Using of Gun

  • Drag Mouse - Move Player
  • Left Click - Fire 
  • Right Click or Q - Aim Gun
  • Hold Shift - Steady gun (snipers)
  • V - Change firemode / use dropped gun
  • H - Inspect gun


  • 1 - Primary Weapon
  • 2 - Secondary Weapon
  • Mouse wheel - Primary and Secondary
  • 3 - Knife
  • G - Grenade
  • Hold G - to hold grenade
  • F - Quickstab
  • Hold F - Quickstab and equip


  • E - Spot enemy
  • Sprint + C - Slide
  • Sprint + X or Z - Dive
  • F5 - Force Respawn/Back to Menu


  • Shift + L - Remove GUIs (buttons, ammo meters, mini map)


  • Dive to surprise enemies and fire them after that.
  • Press F5 incase you ran out of reserve ammo.
  • The prices decrease on weapons everytime you level up. And attachments everytime you get a kill from a certain gun.
  • To calculate the initial price of an attachment,

Kills Required + 200 = Initial Price

  • To calculate how many kills you need to unlock the attachment,

Price - 200 = # of kills required

  • To calculate your Kill-Death Ratio:

Kills ÷ Death = KDR