• Are you tired of being spotted instantly after flanking?

    Do you really like the Meme4Awesome1?

    Are you too pro for the ASS Valve?

    Do you want to teabag noobs using the Mc4gget wh ile getting ammo back?

    Fear not, The Am-I-A-PDW-Carbine-Or-An-Assault-Rifle? Badger is for you.

    Now for some background history on the Am-I-A-PDW-Carbine-Or-An-Assault-Rifle? Badger.

    It was developed by AAC based on the AR-15. Thats it.

    Now lets look at it ingame.

    The Am-I-A-PDW-Carbine-Or-An-Assault-Rifle? Badger goes by many names. I for one call it the M4A1-S because it's almost exactly like the thing. Except it has a built-in Suppressor-Flash-Hider.

    Now the Wiki states that this should be used for a stealthy play style. Do people even know what PF is? It's not the tactical ROBLOX shooter we know. It just shooting people 'til they die.

    Anyways, The Am-I-A-PDW-Carbine-Or-An-Assault-Rifle? Badger uses .300 AAC Blackout rounds, Which makes it the only gun that uses it.

    But it still, For some reason, Takes ammo from just the Carbines. JUST THE CARBINES. Even though it's classified as an Assault Rifle, It doesn't take ammo from the Assault Rifles.

    Hell, It's a fucking PDW in real life.

    Anyway, Lets look at some in-game footage of the gun.

    *insert montage with Metal Gear Solid theme.*

    And that's all there is to using the Am-I-A-PDW-Carbine-Or-An-Assault-Rifle? Badger.

    Tune in next time as we take a look at the Rem 700 

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