• Have you overused the M4?

    Do you like burst guns?

    Are you a Pet wannabe that tried to go 70 - 0?

    Then fear not, the M4 AR ver. is for you.

    First, let's go on some background history of the weapon. The M4 AR ver. goes by several names. The M16A4, the M4 AR, and then "wtf who uses burst guns".

    Now some actual background history.

    After the Vietnam War-

    Viet... nam... War...


    Currently undergoing Vietnam flashbacks, be wait...

    Anyways, after the Vietnam War, the US was trying to fix issues wit the M16A1 at the time. They did this by, instead of fixing the mechanics, they SWITCHED OUT THE MAG AND CHANGED THE FIRE MODE.

    L O G I C.

    This, however, was called the M16A2. Years later we got the gun we all know, the M4 AR ver.

    And as for the issue they fixed, screw that, the M4A1 AR ver., the auto version of the rifle, it works just FINE.


    The M4 AR ver., in game, has the fourth highest maximum damage, 34 like the Ass Valve, only beaten by the "This is why you don't use a turret gun handheld you retard", the GayK-M, and the all mighty GayK-47. It's capable of going a 3 shot kill in one burst, comparable to a DMR.

    Basically, this gun is good at any range, even noob long range. Just go for quick noob scopes and you'll do just fine.

    And that's all there is to using what's basically an M4 with an extended barrel. Tune in next time where we look at the AUG 36, and remember, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough!

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    • Why is everyone making iNotorious references? :P

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