Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a gamemode featured in Phantom Forces.


The objective of Team Deathmatch is simple. The team to get the most amount of kills in a certain timeframe or to get to the maximim kill limit wins.  Each kill is counted as one point towards the total team kills. Each match is 15:00 minutes long, and the kill limit is 200. There are no possibilities to lose points in Team Deathmatch.


As with any other game mode, Team Deathmatch features two teams: Phantoms and Ghosts. While lacking in the strategic element of other game modes such as Flare Domination and King Of The Hill, Team Deathmatch provides purely attack-based gameplay with the only defense being that a users teammates. TDM is available on all maps.

Experience (XP) is obtained from obtaining kills. Bonus XP when obtaining kills is achieved via performing either headshots, collaterals, killing from a distance and multikills. More than one bonus can be achieved in one kill, such as headshot from a long distance. A normal kill is worth 100 points, Headshots are +25, collaterals are +100 per level as are multikills. 

Killing from a distance can only be earned from killing someone past a certain distance. The value of XP earned depends on the distance the target is killed at.

XP is also obtained from teammates spawning on the user and spot bonuses.


For maps that feature predominantly Close-Quarters-Combat, such as Mall and Suburbia, high RoF weapons such as PDWs are useful, having on average good CQC performance. Shotguns like the KSG-12 are also useful, as they can One-Shot-Kill (1SK) at close ranges. On maps which feature medium-ranged engagements, weapons such as Assault Rifles work well, being better suited for such ranges with higher damage and range than PDWs.

Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles are very useful on maps with longer ranged sightlines. Maps such as Desert Storm, Dunes, Ravod 911, Crane Site, and Mirage have such sightlines where users can take out unsuspecting enemy players from a longer distance. 


  • Team Deathmatch was the first game mode to be implemented into the game by Stylis Studios.
  • Team Deathmatch is currently the most simplistic gamemode in Phantom Forces.
  • TDM is a common and accepted abreviation of Team Deathmatch.