The Suppressors basically reduce the noise produced by the weapons, but sacrificing the accuracy. Different suppressors have different stats, some reduce more noise with higher damage and accuracy drop, while others have less of a drop-off and higher noise.


They are often used in semi-automatic and automatic pistols and rifles (battle and assault rifles), and also in shotguns, but not too often in sniper rifles, due to the fact that the accuracy may sharply fall because of the long range.

How To Equip A Suppressor

First of all, select the gun in Weapon Loadout, then select attachments, and search for it in that section. Keep in mind that not all guns can use a suppressor, for example the MP412 REX cannot use a suppressor. (add image please)


  • Reduces the noise
  • The Radar is less likely to spot you


  • Reduces the accuracy and damage


  • (add please)

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