From left to right: Litozinnamon, Shaylan007 and AxisAngle on ROBLOX Creator Showcase stream.

StyLis Studios is a videogame development studio on Roblox. 


StyLis Studios was founded in 2014 by Litozinnamon and Shaylan007, two game developers on Roblox. The two were together prior to the creation of the studio, having been working on Call of Robloxia 5, originally made by Lito. The studio was created to help script CoR 5's Summer Update. At this time, the studio was only comprised of Shaylan and Lito himself.

Due to issues regarding CoR 5, Lito decided to stop working on CoR 5 and work on a new game with Shaylan, which was called Phantom Forces. During the Fall of 2014, Lito recruited AxisAngle as a developer, the third main member of StyLis Studios. 

As Phantom Forces began to increase in popularity, Lito hired another member, Buddyism, as a moderator at first but later became a developer and a Community Manager. Buddyism has left the group around 2017.

Other official members of StyLis Studios comprise of Semaphorism, the Website Developer on Reddit, HypocriticalDragon, the Community Manager, and IArekan, the Sound Designer. On the Community Testing Environment, Mardemon1 was responsible for maintaining and adding items into the CTE. 

There are many helpers or 'non-official' members who help the game such as XLR, Albium (Previously known as TheHumbl), and Thrillin, who replaced Cid9.. Two new moderators were also recruited, HighAdmiral and Lilly_S.

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  • Call of Robloxia 5 (Under Review)
  • Remake of Call of Robloxia Zombies (Unknown)
  • Phantom Forces (Priority)
  • From Ashes (Summer project, now cancelled)
  • AccelBuild
  • Bowmen