From left to right: Litozinnamon, Shaylan007 and AxisAngle on ROBLOX Creator Showcase stream.

Stylis Studios is a video game development studio on Roblox. It was founded in 2014 by Litozinnamon and Shaylan007. Their activities actually started since 2012 with the remake of Call of Robloxia. Around 2014, the 3rd member, AxisAngle joined as an official developer for StyLis Studios and recently, Buddyism joined as a moderator (inactive), Semaphorism as Website Developer on Reddit, HypocriticalDragon as Community Manager, and IArekan as Sound Designer. On Community Testing Environment, MarDamon is responsible for maintaining and adding at the place.

There are also many other helpers or non-official members who help the game such as XLR, TheHumbl (now Albium), and Thrillin (who replaced Cid9).Two new moderators have also been recruited, HighAdmiral and Lilly_S.

Click here to visit Studio's Reddit page.

Click here to visit Studio's Roblox community page.

Click here to visit Studio's Website


  • Call of Robloxia 5 (Under Review)
  • Remake of Call of Robloxia Zombies (Unknown)
  • Phantom Forces (Priority)
  • From Ashes (Summer project, now cancelled)

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