"What is this, a grip for ants? Reduces camera recoil when aiming, and reduces visible gun recoil overall. Rougher hipfire handling with reduces stability and increased spread. " - In-game Description

Stubby Grip



Attachment Type Underbarrel
Kills Required 355
All Primary weapons except L22, MAC-10, Groza-1 and PPSh-41. MP7 and P90 (if equipped before Version 3)

The Stubby Grip is the final underbarrel grip unlocked in the game, requiring either 355 kills or 555 credits (initially) to be unlocked.


The Stubby Grip has the positive effects of aimed recoil reduction, as well as reduction of overall torque recoil, both in aimed fire and hip fire at the cost of handling stability reduction, which results an increase of hip fire spread and stability.


In Close Quarters Combat, the increase of hip fire spread can make this a poor choice for weapons not made for situations like this. However, it does come with the increase in hip fire stability which makes it very useful for weapons such as shotguns and rapid firing PDW's like the P90 and MP7 that are highly effective for Spray-and-Pray play styles.

This attachment is very useful when attached to weapons that have great amounts recoil like the AKM, Honey Badger or AK-12C as the reduction greatly improves target acquisition.

Pros & Cons


  • Aimed recoil reduction.
  • Torque recoil reduction.
  • Increased hipfire stability


  • Decreased handling stability.
  • Final underbarrel attachment unlocked.
  • Increases hipfire spread.


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