"Reduces camera recoil when aiming and overall visible gun recoil'. Reduced gun hipfire stability and increased hipfire spread." - In-game Description

Stubby Grip

StubbyGripAngle STUBBY GRIP
Attachment Type Underbarrel
Kills Required 355 Kills
Available on All Primary Weapons except L22 and MAC-10.

The Stubby Grip is the final underbarrel grip unlocked in the game, requiring either 355 kills or 555 credits to be unlocked. It has the positive effects of aimed recoil reduction, as well as reduction of overall torque recoil, both in aimed and hip fire, at the cost of handling stability reduction.


As said above, the stubby grip has the most required kills to unlock it. Yet, it has positive effects of a player needs on a gun. And that is the aimed recoil reduction. This grip also helps you to reduce overall gun torque recoil, both aimed fire and hipfire. However, this grip gives handling stability reduction. Which results an increase of hipfire spread and hipfire stability (firing without aiming). It is not recommended if you tend to hipfire a lot or engage in CQC frequently. It works well on weapons that need a reduction in recoil, like the M60 and L85A2. Paired with a muzzle brake or compensator, it can really reduce the recoil on most guns, turning many guns from garbage into gold.

The stubby grip isn't really the greatest thing to bring in close quarters, where hipfire is king and aimed fire can get you killed, that is, unless you aim forever, and scarcely ever hipfire, in which case it will also help you, as it will be easier to keep your aim on the target.

Pros & Cons


  • Aimed recoil reduction.
  • Torque recoil reduction.


  • Decreased handling stability.
  • Final underbarrel attachment unlocked.

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