Remington 870


Remington 870-1

Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Shotgun
Rank Prerequisites Rank 11
Damage 33 -> 24
Range 50 max -> 100 min
Remington 870graph


Hip Accuracy


Sight Accuracy


Magazine Size 8
Ammo Reserve 50
Fire Modes Semi
Rate of Fire 100 RPM

TTK (Time to Kill) 1.20 s
Head & Body Multiplier
Hitbox Range
Max (50 studs) Min (100 studs)
(x1.1) Head 36.3 26.4
(x1) Torso 33 24
(x1) Arms and Legs 33 24
Red color signifies a fatal hit. And all damage value are rounded down.
Note: The damage value in-game is rounded down, example: 99.9 damage is counted as 99 damage and not 100 damage.
Suppressed Stats
Suppressor Suppressed Damage Suppressed Range
ARS Suppressor 33 -> 21.6 50 max -> 90 min
R2 Suppressor 31.35 -> 22.8 47.5 max -> 95 min
PBS-4 Suppressor 30.36 -> 23.52 47.5 max -> 100 min
PBS-1 Suppressor 33 -> 22.08 47.5 max -> 85 min
Suppressor 29.7 -> 24 45 max -> 100 min
Flechette 29.7 -> 24 55 max -> 100 min
Birdshot 29.7 -> 24 55 max -> 100 min
Slugs 99 -> 60 50 max -> 100 min
Muzzle Velocity 1500 studs/s
Penetration Depth 0.5 studs
Suppression 2.5


Hipfire Camera Recovery Speed 15
Sight Camera Recovery Speed 15
Weapon Recovery Speed 15
Weapon Recoil Damping 0.6


Min Camera Kick 3.00, -1.61, -0.31
Max Camera Kick 4.19, -1.11, 0.30
Min Recoil Displacement 0.10, 0.80, 12.19
Max Recoil Displacement 0.40, 1.10, 12.80
Min Recoil Rotation 6.19, -1.00, -0.31
Max Recoil Rotation 7.09, 0.20, 0.30
Hipfire Spread Factor 0.07
Hipfire Recovery Speed 8
Hipfire Spread Damping 0.80


Min Camera Kick 2.29, -0.50, -0.50
Max Camera Kick 2.70, -0.90, 0.50
Min Recoil Displacement -0.11, 0.69, 7.19
Weapon Shot Displacement 0.10, 1.60, 7.80
Min Recoil Rotation 2.20, -0.50, -0.81
Max Recoil Rotation 3.40, -0.21, -0.50
Sight Magnification 2.5x


Reload Time 1.5 seconds
Empty Reload Time 1.4 seconds
Equip Speed 12
Aiming Speed 15
Crosshair Size 40
Crosshair Spread Rate 800
Crosshair Recover Rate 10


Weapon Walk Speed 14 stud/s
Aiming Walk Speed 8.4 stud/s
Ammo Type 12 gauge
Round in Chamber None
Shot Suppression Range None


The Remington 870 is an American Shotgun. It is unlocked at Rank 11 or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The Remington Model 870 was designed by Remington Arms in 1951, replacing the Remington 31, which wasn't competing well with the Winchester Model 12. It is currently in use by almost all U.S. government agencies and the U.S. military. It is one of the most popular guns in the world, serving not only with U.S. government and security forces but is also used by civilians, law enforcement and military forces worldwide. In the U.S. military, it is designated as the M870. The Remington 870 has sold more than 10 million models and holds the title of being the world's best-selling shotgun in history.


General Information

The Remington 870 is a very powerful and well-rounded shotgun in Phantom Forces. It has relatively high damage and good range for a shotgun. It also has an equally good Rate of Fire (RoF) for a shotgun at 100 Rounds Per Minute (RPM) It has a capacity 8 shells and can pick up ammunition from other shotguns. It reloads via inserting shell individually into the under-barrel tube magazine and in-game it takes exactly one second to reload one shell. When completing a full reload, after the last shell is loaded, there is a "pump" animation, which adds on a short delay. However, if the player cancels the reload right after that last shell is loaded with a left click, the "pump" animation won't be triggered, thus decreasing the reload time. A user can press the T button to activate the alternate aim mode of the shotguns; visually somewhere between hipfiring and Aiming Down Sights.

With each type of ammunition, the behavior of the R870 will become different. Read more at Shotgun ammunition types.

With the default Buckshot ammunition, the R870 can reliably kill a full-health enemy at 70 studs. At medium range, less than 150 studs, the buckshot requires about 2 to 3 shots to eliminate a full health enemy.

Flechette rounds can go through walls of a certain thickness, such as the tall slabs of cement guarding the hill on Crane Revamp. Flechette rounds also have the same spread as Buckshot. However, they deal less damage than Buckshot, albeit the reduction is very slight and it only affects the maximum damage, not hugely impacting on the effectiveness of the R870 with Flechette compared to Buckshot at any range. Flechette rounds also have increased max damage range but this is fairly insignificant.

Birdshot rounds fire 24 pellets, but the spread is also 3 times wider. Birdshot has the same 1-Shot-Kill (1SK) range as Buckshot, around 70 studs, and can eliminate multiple opponents with one shell. This is extremely dangerous in Close Quarter Combat (CQC). However at longer ranges, Birdshot is dramatically weaker compared to other Ammunition Types due to the very wide pellet spread. It will require multiple shots to kill an opponent at range. Even at 100 studs, only 2-3 pellets actually hit the target.

Slug rounds are best used at medium to long range. For the Remington 870 with Slugs, it can score a 1-Shot-Headshot at any range. Slugs are accurate enough to enable a user to engage an enemy at medium range. The stopping power is high enough to eliminate an opponent in 1 or 2 shots. At longer range, Slugs can still guarantee a 1 to 2-Shot-Kill, but the slower muzzle velocity and higher bullet drop make Slugs less accurate compared to weapons like DMRs. Over 150 studs, the horizontal deviation of the slugs also becomes more noticeable and at over 300 studs, a player can miss a target even when carefully aimed at, though it's unusual. Shotguns with Slug rounds are inferior to longer ranged weapons due to their inaccuracy and slower RoF. The player can still use the alternate aiming feature of the shotguns on the Remington 870 for better self-defense at close range while using the normal ADS for long range engagement.

Note: While equipping the suppressors with the exotic ammunitions, the penalty of the suppressors won't show, but it still affect the statistic of the weapon.

Usage & Tactics

The Remington 870 is very much a "Jack Of All Trades" kind of shotgun, with reasonably tight pellet spread. While it isn't an extremely agressive weapon like the KSG nor a long range masterpiece like the Stevens DB or KS-23M, it can still do reasonably well against the weapons mentioned. The Remington 870 is a relatively versatile shotgun. A vertical grip can tighten up hip fire spread, so that hip fire is more effective at longer distances. Birdshot on the 870 also shred through enemies, as some 24 pellets fly at them with relatively tight spread, although not as tight as buckshot.


Overall, the Remington 870 is a versatile shotgun, not being too fast or too slow and can be used at a variety of ranges.


Ammunition Types


x0.9 max damage - x1.1 max range - x3 pellets

Hitbox Range
Max (38.5 studs) Min (80 studs)
(x0.99 - x1.1)(x24 pellets) Head 31.68 (760.32) 25.3 (607.2)
(x0.9 - x1)(x24 pellets) Torso 28.8(691.2) 23 (552)
(x0.9 - x1)(x24 pellets) Arms and Legs 28.8(691.2) 23 (552)
Yellow color signifies when all of the pellets hit the target.


x0.9 max damage - x1.1 max range - x5 penetration

Hitbox Range
Max (38.5 studs) Min (80 studs)
(x0.99 - x1.1)(x24 pellets) Head 31.68 (253.44) 25.3 (202.4)
(x0.9 - x1)(x24 pellets) Torso 28.8(320.4) 23 (184)
(x0.9 - x1)(x24 pellets) Arms and Legs 28.8(320.4) 23 (184)
Yellow color signifies when all of the pellets hit the target.


x3 max damage - x2.5 min damage - x5 penetration - One projectile - Special multipliers

Hitbox Range
Max (35 studs) Min (80 studs)
(x1.8) Head 172.8 103.5
(x1.5) Torso 144 86.2
(x1) Arms and Legs 96 57.5
Red color signifies a fatal hit.

Pros & Cons


  • Long one shot kill range.
  • Can excel to the medium range due to the tight spread.
  • Superior range and damage compared to the KSG-12.
  • Tight spread for the current shotguns.


  • Lower capacity than the KSG-12 (8 compared to 14).
  • Slower rate of fire than the KSG-12 (100 vs. 130).
  • Slow reload time.


  • As per in-game description, the Remington fires the 12 gauge 3 inches shell (aka 12 gauge Magnum) and hold a total 8 shells (7 in the tube magazine and one in the chamber). In real life however, the shotgun can only hold a total 8 shells with 2 3/4 inches rounds (standard load) or a total of 7 shells with Magnum load.
  • Civilian variants of the Remington 870 have the option to use camouflage parts, covering either the stock and pump or stock, pump, receiver and barrel.
  • The R870 featured in-game is modified, fitted with a MAGPUL stock, ring iron sights and an extended 8-round tube magazine.
  • There is a feature on shotguns where you can aim above the sights. It is activated by pressing T.
  • The R700's stock is almost identical to the R870's in game but without the recoil pad and cheek piece. In real life, most weapon's stocks are quite different and can be modified, removed or replaced
  • In several FPS games, the Remington 870 appears as a sawed-off shotgun and usually named as such.
  • After the beta, the pump and stock were changed from dark grey to green, as well as the iron sights obtaining a neon ring. 
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