Reflex Sight



Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 285 Kills
Available on All Primary Weapons

The Reflex Sight is a compact 1x optic for all primary weapons. It features a red dot and a clear design with the objective of allowing the user a close optic optimized for reflexes. It is initially unlocked at 285 kills or can be purchased with credits (CR).


Same as the Coyote Sight, the Reflex Sight is a red-dot optic attachment that offers shooters a pin-point accuracy to the user. Some players says that "equipping Reflex Sight makes you firing like a laser" because some attached optics offer lower recoil and higher accuracy to otherwise high recoil guns such as MG36 and G36

The Reflex Sight, compared to other similar 1x sights such as the Kobra Sight and the Coyote Sight, has the lowest kill requirement to unlock on a gun at 285 kills. This might make it preferable for people in a rush to unlock a cheaper short range optic as it with cost less Credits.

In game, it is one of the top used 1x sights in the game. It is something like a combination of the Coyote Sight and the Kobra Sight, using the Kobra Sight's minimal body and the Coyote Sight's small recticle. This makes it very popular among players.

The optic is preferably used for mid range, because it offers high accuracy, lower recoil and bigger picture (small frame). Remember, not all weapons gives you all these positive effects. Mid range to high range, you can get multiple kills with L85A2 over 300+ studs tap-firing (1-3 shots per second)

It seems to be based off the Trijcon 42mm Reflex Sight.[1]


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