Weapon table coding

|image = 
|Type = 
|Class = 
|Buyable? = 
|Level = 
|maxdmg = 
|mindmg = 
|maxrng = 
|minrng = 
|Acc = 
|Hip = 
|Aim = 
|Magazine Size = 
|RoundinChamber(yes/no) = 
|Ammo Reserve = 
|Fire Modes
|Rate of Fire = 
|TTK = 
|MuzzleVelocity = 
|Penetration = 
|Suppression = 
|HipCamRecovery = 
|SightCamRecovery = 
|WeaponRecoverySpeed = 
|WeaponRecoilDamping = 
|MinHIPCameraKick = 
|MaxHIPCameraKick = 
|MinHIPDisplacement = 
|MaxHIPDisplacement = 
|MinHIPRotation = 
|MaxHIPRotation = 
|HipfireSpreadFactor = 
|HipfireRecoverySpeed = 
|HipfireSpreadDamping = 
|MinAIMCameraKick = 
|MaxAIMCameraKick = 
|MinAIMDisplacement = 
|MaxAIMDisplacement = 
|MinAIMRotation = 
|MaxAIMRotation = 
|SightMagnification = 
|ReloadTime = 
|EmptyReloadTime = 
|EquipSpeed = 
|AimingSpeed = 
|CrosshairSize = 
|CrosshairSpreadRate = 
|CrosshairRecoverRate = 
|WeaponWalkspeed = 
|AimingWalkspeed = 
|AmmoType = 
|ShotSuppressionRange = }}

Follow these steps to edit the weapon table

1 - Open a weapon page

2 - Press on the arrow beside the 'Edit' button then click on 'Classic editor' or, if you are using IE browser, just click on 'Edit' (on IE, this browser is recommended due ease of coding) to access to the Code Editor Mode (As the formal editor is only the text/visual editor)

3 - Copy the lines from the table above and paste to the weapon page. The lines will highlighted in yellow if they are correctly placed on the table.

4 - Write the value after the '='

Caution: You can see that the above table is separated into many parts. Please do not touch the equivalent of the 1st part on the weapon page to avoid the loss of information.

Note: If a line exist in the old table but not in the new one, just delete it.

Damage multiplier line

If the multiplier is the standard x1.4 headshot and x1 body shot, then there is no need to add these line as the default value is already x1.4 headshot and x1 body shot.

If the hitbox multiplier is different, under TTK, type:

|HeadMultiplier = 
|TorsoMultiplier = 

Extra code lines

Under TTK, type:

|Suppressor = a

for weapon with integral suppressor.

|Suppressor = b

for handgun type weapons.

|Suppressor = c

for shotgun weapons (including Serbu Shotgun).

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