This list is made by the Stylis Studios. Therefore, the wiki can't do anything to help to unban these IP. If you have any question, you can always ask the developers.

P/s: Though the developers do support this Wiki, they are actually not very active on this wiki and may or may not answer any your question. Nevertheless, you can go to the TeamSpeak, Reddit or other communication service to connect with them. The best way to report an exploiter is to have proof of any exploiter and upload it to YouTube. From there link the video from Sthe Stylus Studio Discord.


  • The banned individual is only banned in Phantom Forces, not on the entire Roblox. Therefore, you can meet these exploiter in the other game on Roblox.
  • The Stylis Studios' ban list has nothing to do with the Phantom Forces Wiki ban list. Likewise to the other PF communities.

Reason to get banned

- The most obvious reason is the use of hack/exploit. It creates an unbalanced gameplay and not enjoyable to the regular players.

- If someone illegally takes a copy of the game.

- If someone involves with some serious problem with the PF communities, such as PF subreddit, TeamSpeak, Official site web and other.

- If someone kicks out too many people.

-If someone spams in the chat.

Banned IP in Phantom Forces

Here is the official page of the banned IP in Phantom Forces. Currently, there are around 107 banned IP.

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