This page is not for you to comment going "I've been banned! Help me!", neither is it for you to post evidence of exploiters. There are other means of appealing your ban, or providing evidence about exploiters.

If you see an exploiter, use a recording tool such as OBS to capture evidence of the exploiter. Upload it to a service such as Youtube or Streamable for moderators to review.

Before you assume you've been banned from the game, try rejoining the game. If you are immediately kicked out, you are banned - follow the appeals process in one of the following sections.

This is not for appealing Roblox bans, Wikia bans, etc. This is only for the Phantom Forces game. For clarification, the Phantom Forces Wikia does have rules and disciplinary measures. Read Phantom Forces Wiki:Rules and Policies for those.

In the event this article becomes dated, refer to the Phantom Forces devforum post.

How do I report exploiters?

There are two steps you can take - either join the StyLiS Studios Discord, or use the built-in report command. However, there are a few things to take into mind. Your report will be ignored if:

  • The reason for your report is that the person is spamming.
  • The player in question is impersonating staff (this, however, can be reported to StyLiS staff through the Discord.)
  • Anything other than exploiting/hacking.

Do note that you can choose not to add evidence. However, this will more than likely make your report get thrown in the trash.

Using the in-game report command


Example usage:
/report:subaru712:walking through walls:VIDEO LINK
This solution doesn't require you to have a Discord account to use, making this an option for players who are unable to get a Discord account.

Using the Discord's StyLiS Bot

You will need to join the StyLiS Studios Discord to use this bot. The text channel #reporting-cheaters goes into full detail about how to use the bot to report exploiters. This is the best option for when you have lots of evidence to indict a player with.

I've been banned! What do I do?

You can only appeal your ban through the StyLis Bot on the StyLiS Studios Discord. If you are banned from the StyLiS Studios Discord, tough luck - appeals are only handled through the bot.

The text channel #reporting-cheaters also contains information on how to appeal your ban. Read everything if you want to have even the slightest chance of getting unbanned from Phantom Forces. Do note that even if you appeal, you will more than likely still be expected to serve a part of your sentence before you're allowed back into Phantom Forces.

Historical banning

Banning used to be handled through multiple assets containing lists of user IDs, who would then be banned from Phantom Forces. A more elegant and easy-to-manage solution has been implemented, meaning these historical banning methods are no longer accurate nor are they applicable to current bans.