The Phantom Forces Community Testing Environment or CTE for short, as it's name suggests; is a testing environment created by AxisAngle for Phantom Forces moderators that wish to test out various changes and test out potential future updates.

History and Details

The Community Testing Environment was created on the 3rd of January 2017. The parent group "PF Community Improvements" is owned by AxisAngle.

Sometimes only guns and attachments in testing are available. Guns in heavy testing are either unavailable or have a higher-than-normal rank unlock.

At rank 0 all guns are available, but the attachments are not. Except for the attachments they are testing, which require a measly 1 kill.

One must be aware that the CTE is a testing place for unrefined additions, so flaws, unfinished content, and bugs are to be expected. As a result the normal Phantom Forces becomes the suggested game for normal and stable playing.

To track the update log/progress on the CTE, visit their Trello. It has been mentioned in some of the Mod Mailroom episodes (which is where the mods/devs talk about things on PF and/or CTE, and of course memes and random things happen) hosted by Tecnically Incorrect Studios.

The sound and balancing changes in the CTE are confirmed to be pushed to the main game on June 10th.


Disclaimer: This can be also considered a history list, as some of the below additions may not be in the CTE anymore.

[>] = Found in "Other" attachment category

|O| = Found in "Optics" attachment category

New Attachments:

  • Extended Magazines for AS-VAL, G17 and G18 ( called the 33RD G-Magazine for the G17 and 18 ), R700, (called the 10 round police mag in-game for the R700), M16A3, SCAR-L, L86 LSW, FAMAS and L85A2 (called 40RD STANAG Magazine) and UMP-45. [>]
  • M995 AP ammo for all M16/M4 variants including the Colt LMG. [>]
  • Lighter Magazine for MP7, R700 (called 3RD internal Magazine for the R700) , M16A3, SCAR-L, L86 LSW, FAMAS and L85A2 (called 20RD STANAG Magazine for the M16A3/M16A4, SCAR-L, L86 LSW, and FAMAS ), and SKS. [>]
  • MK318 SOST ammo for all 5.56 guns excluding SCAR-HAMR, AUG A2, AUG HBAR, Colt LMG, AUG A3 and AUG A1, increases penetration, long range efficiency, but decreases max damage and ammo pool [>],
  • AKM: Banana Magazine. (Joke attachment) [>]
  • MP5A4: JHP Ammo. [>]
  • .50 AE ammunition for Desert Eagle .44, may be removed and replaced by the Deagle 50. [>]
  • 7.62 ammunition for the AK-12, increases damage and recoil, may be replaced by the AK-15. [>]
  • The default scope on Dragunov SVU, the PSO-1 scope, has now become an unlockable attachment. Also available on the VSS Vintorez. [O]
  • PM II sniper scope for the AWS and L115A3. |O|
  • Aligner, as it's name implies, is used by the moderators to align the sights of guns. [>]
    • This attachment replaces the firing sound with a distinctive fart sound, and the aligner has text in a light blue/cyan neon background saying "This is a Compensator! (I swear...)".
    • Oddly enough, said cyan background only appears when in hipfire, but only after aiming down sights once
  • .375 CT ammo for the Intervention

New guns:

  • Colt LMG, new AR-15 platform LMG.
  • Desert Eagle .50, Deagle chambered in .50 Action Express.
  • G36K: new assault rifle, carbine variant of the G36
  • AK-15: new assault rifle, 7.62x39 version of the AK-12.
  • G11K2: new assault rifle by HK designed to replace G3, but never did. Fired a unique proprietary caseless round.
  • L115A3: sniper rifle that made its appearance in the Phantom Forces Alpha.
  • AWS: erroneously an integrally suppressed variant of the L115A3 (The real life AWS is an integrally suppressed version of the AW).
  • MP5A4, new burst MP5 variant featuring a unique ammo attachment.
  • IZH-43 new double barreled shotgun
  • AR-15/50, a battle rifle chambering the 50. Cal round.

Notable Gun Stat Changes

For in depth detail about all gun stat changes, see Trello

  • Aug A2 now does 34-19 damage
  • 1000 RPM Burst mode for AK-12
  • L22 now does 35 damage

New Grenades and Melee:

  • M84 Stun Grenade, enemy players nearby, including the player that threw the grenade have their screen become fully white for a short period of time, and all sounds are flushed out until with an ear ringing sound until the effects of the grenade flush out. Has a 5 second fuse identical to the default grenade.
  • Smoke grenade, releases smoke at a short range to hinder the enemies visiblity of you by hiding behind/in the smoke. Has a 5 second fuse identical to the default grenade.
  • Fists, low damage but high speed "melee" weapon intended to finish off very low health enemies.
  • Crane, a miniature model of the crane with similar damage and range statistics to the knife, but mostly unique.

Other changes:

  • New sounds including unique reload sounds for many of the guns as well as new firing sounds.
  • Changes to maps like Crane Site, Highway Lot, and most notably Ravod 911.
  • Many balancing changes to guns.
  • New HUD and loading screen.
  • Many new cases and keys.
  • New backgrounds for several pages in the menu.
  • A few other miscellaneous and/or small changes.
  • Slide shotting (A glitch commonly used in trickshotting) has been fixed.
  • Melee weapons did 0 damage to prevent hacking. Though after the end of the exploiter outbreak, melee weapons do damage again, as normal.
  • A new map was added to the CTE on 5/23/17 named "Warehouse"

In short, the PF CTE is is a testing environment created by AxisAngle for PF Moderators; the parent group "PF Community Improvements" is owned by AxisAngle. The CTE receives frequent updates and improvements.


  • The balance and sound changes from the CTE were originally confirmed to be pushed to the main game on June 1st, later delayed to June 4th, and finally June 10th to this day.
    • The reason of this is because early June is the time where most players get out of school. This decision has been slightly debated among the community, however.
  • A miniature version of the crane is added as a Melee weapon. It has higher range than the Machete (7 range compared to Machete's 6), but has less back stab damage than the Machete (100 compared to the Machete's 130)
  • Fists are added as a "Melee" weapon, despite fists not being melee weapons by definition. This is the first "weapon" that does not have any model. It has lower range and damage than the Knife, but can hit faster.
  • The CTE may or may not be replaced by the Testing Place.

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