Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 0 Kills
Available on Dragunov SVU and VSS Vintorez

The PSO-1 is an optic attachment available for Dragunov SVU and VSS Vintorez. The PSO-1 requires 0 kills and is available from the start.


The PSO-1 is a Russian telescopic scope designed alongside the SVD sniper rifle. At the time of adoption, it was considered the most advanced telescopic scope. It has a 4x power magnification.

Currently, the PSO-1 is manufactured by the Russian Novosibirsk instrument-making factory. It is the standard optic of the Dragunov sniper rifle and used in other sniper rifles too, such as the VSS and VSK-94.[1]


Although it resembles the Dragonov SVU's default scope, the PSO-1 actually has less magnification then the SVU's default scope. In fact, it has x4 magnification like its real life counter part instead of the x7.5 magnification of the SVU's scope and is weaker than the VCOG, which is x6 zoom. Due to this fact, the PSO-1 scope is classified as medium-range, even though it uses the long-range scope mechanic.

Since the PSO-1 requires 0 kills to unlock, it functions as the starter scope for the VSS Vintorez and as an alternate, lower-magnification optic for the Dragunov SVU. Of course, as it is also not the default optic, it is removable, and can be replaced by the VSS's iron sights or by the Dragunov's SVD scope in situations where a lower-magnification or a higher-magnification optic is more useful than the PSO-1.

Pros & Cons


  • Can replace the Iron sights of the VSS Vintorez, Making the gun easier to use if the user hasn't unlocked any attachments for the gun yet
  • Low Scope-In time and good steady time
  • Can serve as an alternate scope for the Dragunov SVU, if the user prefers lower magnification


  • Lower magnification than the VCOG and SVU's default scope
  • Only available on the Dragunov SVU and VSS Vintorez


  • This used to be the default sight for the VSS Vintorez, and is now back but as an alternate sight instead
  • This is pretty much identical to the Dragunov Scope design, only with lower magnification


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