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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 0 Kills
Available on AWS and L115A3

The PM II is a German Telescopic Sight available for the AWS and L115A3. It is unlocked by default for the weapon, but is not the default optic available on the two weapons.


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The PM II (Police Marksman II) is a long-range optic designed by the German company Schmidt & Bender for military and law enforcement uses.[1]

The PM II is promoted by Accuracy International, a British arms manufacturing company, and sold as an accessory for their Arctic Warfare sniper rifles.


The PM II is only equippable to the AWS and the L115A3, and effectively functions as a default sniper scope (10x magnification) for either weapon. However, because it is removable, the player can also use ironsights instead of a sniper scope for their AWS or L115A3.

Ironsights may be superior over the PM II in certain situations where FOV is more important than hitting targets at long range, or in instances where holding shift to steady the PM II for a reasonable amount of time is not feasible.


  • The PM II uses a Mil-dot reticle instead of the modern rangefinding scope used by the Intervention, Remington 700, BFG 50, and SFG 50.
  • Interestingly, the PM II on the AWS has an illuminated crosshair while the PM II on the L115A3 does not.
    • The AWS has the P3L reticle whereas the L115A3 has the ____ reticle.


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