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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 225
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"A descendant of the PKS-01, this is an advanced Russian battery-powered collimator sight. It is suitable for mid to close range engagements, with a clear and open sight picture. " - In-game Description

The PKA-S is a Russian Holographic Sight. It requires 225 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The PK-AS/ASV is a Russian advanced optic used for special operations. Unlike the PK-A, it has a black ring around the red dot to increase accuracy. The PKA-S is mainly used for carbine and assault rifles.

Originally descended from the PKS-07 magnified scope used on the SV98 and sometimes SVD Dragunov rifles, the PKA-S is the non magnified version inspired from the original PKS-01. PK-AS is descended from PKS-01, which itself is a descendant of the PKS-07.[1]


The PKA-S is a later version of PK-A with higher unlock prerequisites. It has a smaller red-dot, more specific sights and smaller frame to not obstruct the player's peripheral vision while still increasing accuracy. The optic is useful for weapons have moderate-low recoil, controllable recoil, or any type of shotgun. Compared to the PK-A, the PKA-S has a lower magnification of 2.2x compared to the PK-A's 3.4x (hence the -S) and has a circle for marking bullet drop around the red dot, which the PK-A does not have.

In conclusion, the optic is preferred to use it at any range (except sniper-range; very long range; 100-250 studs). The optic is useful for weapons because it has average magnification, more specific sights, more outside picture and can resist recoil. Remember, not all attached weapons can offer these positive effects.

Pros & Cons


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  • The red dot can be illuminated for night use with a watch battery, which lasts about 120 hours.



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