The PK-A is a sturdy and robust red dot tube optic. Originally appearing to be an adaptation of the original PSO-1 SVD optic, the PK-A has a similar construction and the same style of hammer grey finish. The PK-A comes in three types including a black coloured AK mount version, a black Weaver version and the original grey universal mount version. While the original appears to have an SVD mount it is actually a universal type mount and will fit most AK's just fine, and it shows up in-game on every gun except most secondary weapons.


PK-A is a Russian sight/scope attachment. It is very useful for medium ranged combat weapons/guns such as the AUG A1, AN-94, and AK-12. Unlike the PKA-S, it has no ring surrounding the red dot. It features a low magnification similar to that of the Coyote Sight. This makes the PK-A better suited for close to medium range combat where bullet compensation is not necessary. At longer ranges, due the larger red dot, it can be very difficult to aim precisely. The optic has a thick frame and less aim sensitivity than other red-dot optics, so it can be used on higher-recoil weapons like the AK-47 because the recoil will be less annoying.

The lower aim sensitivity can help at longer ranges to keep a stable aim at moving targets, but as mentioned before, the large red dot can obstruct the target. Overall, it functions as a figuratively cheaper coyote sight, with a more obstructive frame.


  • The scope's cursor is similar to the cursor of Comp Aimpoint, but it is more of a faded yellow color instead of a definite red.
  • The PK-A used to have the same magnification as the ACOG. However, this was changed in an update that lowered its zoom level. Now, its zoom is similar to the Coyote Sight.
  • The PK-A has a variant known as the PKA-S


PK-A Side View

The side view of PK-A

PK-A Frontal View

The frontal view of PK-A

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