Have you ever thought about the optic zooming capacity? This will help you.

"TBH all zoom values are arbitrary values, I just go, "o let's just make dis 2.1x zoom and dis 1.8x zoom and dis 4x because it looks scopey." "They may be different and arbitrary for each gun, but none of these stats are changing." - StyliS Studio

How do we do this?
* The M4 is my weapon of choice
    • It's a starter weapon and it has a clear field of view (FOV).
    • It has every optics available.
    • Each weapon has their own magnification value for the same optic. So, I should use the same weapon.
  • How do I do for the G36 and AUG telescopic sight?
    • I must make some screenshots separately.
  • How about sniper rifle scope?
    • Well, the sniper rifle scope uses the decal instead of sight model. So, it's certain that they have the same zoom and reticle size.
  • How do I take the screenshot?
    • I use the Cinematic mod of the game (Shift + L) instead of cropping the image to give the best comparaison.
    • This means that these screenshots is exactly the screen that you play, or almost. Also, all of the screenshots has the same size.
    • My screen is 1600x900.
  • Why do I chosen the Crane site?
    • To give the best comparaison, I need to use all the optics in the same place and a same target at range.
    • I need somewhere that people can clearly see the magnification.

Magnification Comparison

Magnification Comparison

[here for full sized image]


1 Iron Sight. 2 Coyote. 3 EoTech 552. 4 C79. 5 Reflex. 6 VCOG. 7 Comp Aimpoint. 8 Kobra. 9 ACOG. 10 PKA-S. 11 M145 12 Z-Point. 13 MARS. 14 PK-A. 15 EoTech XP2.

* The Iron sight has higher zoom than some RDS.
  • Well, it seems like that the most of the optic has their own magnifications.
    • The ACOG and the PK-A have the same magnification.
    • The C79, the M145 and the PKA-S also have the same amount of magnification level.