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The Muzzle brake and the Compensator are the different names for the same devices, both terms are interchangeable. This barrel attachment reduces the recoil of a weapon by dispersing gas on the muzzle of the weapon. However, muzzle brakes/compensators increase the loudness and flash of a gun.

The attachment is separated into the muzzle brake and compensator. The only difference is when the dispersing holes of the device are placed vertically or horizontally.





Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 120
All primary and secondary weapons except AS VAL, MP5SD, Honey Badger, and VSS Vintorez.

"Reduces horizontal recoil drifting while firing by dispersing muzzle gas to the top. Trade off in slightly increased vertical recoil climb. " - In-game Description


Pros Cons
30% less y hipfire cam kick 10% greater max x hipfire cam kick
50% less y aimed cam kick 5% more x aimed cam kick
50% less z aimed cam kick 5% more hipfire spread
5% less hipfire stability

The Compensator is a versatile attachment for weapons that you don't want a suppressor on, making it much easier to sustain accurate fire from a low recoil weapon like the MP5 or a G36.

Muzzle Brake

Muzzle Brake



Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 175
All primary and secondary weapons except AS VAL,MP5SD, Honey Badger, and VSS Vintorez

"Reduces vertical recoil climb while firing by muzzle gas to the side. Trade off in slightly increased horizontal recoil drifting. " - In-game Description


Pros Cons
15% less x max hipfire cam kick 15% more y ax hipfire cam kick
20% less x aimed cam kick 15% more aim y cam kick
15% less hipfire stability
10% more hipfire spread

Many agree that the Muzzle Brake is a bit more situational than its counterpart, being really only suited for high recoil weapons like the SCAR-HAMR(or really, any weapon in the SCAR family). It does not provide as much of a statistical boost as the Compensator, but there are many weapons which don't have a lot of horizontal recoil, and therefore can take the larger detriments.

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