Muzzle Brake



Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 175
All weapons excluding Integrally Suppressed Weapons, PPSh-41, ZIP22

"Reduces vertical recoil climb while firing by [muzzle] gas to the side. Trade off in slightly increased horizontal recoil drifting." - In-game Description

The Muzzle Brake is a recoil reducing barrel attachment. It is unlocked by attaining 175 kills or can be purchased with credits (CR).


General Information

The Muzzle Brake is available for all weapons excluding Integrally Suppressed Weapons such as the Honey Badger. It decreases the amount of vertical recoil - how far the weapon kicks upwards. This is at a cost of a slight increase in horizontal recoil, and reduction in hipfire stability, as does the Compensator.

Usage & Tactics

The Muzzle Brake is effective on weapons with predominantly high vertical recoil, such as the AK-47. It allows for lower and ultimately easier control of vertical recoil. However, the weapon will shake more horizontally whilst firing, especially in fully automatic mode. It's illadvised to spray with. On the other end, it is not good for weapons that have mostly horizontal recoil. That will only make the weapon harder to control whilst firing in full-auto. Weapons such as the AUG A1 are a poor choice to use the Muzzle Brake with.

For semi-automatic weapons, the Muzzle Brake allows for better tap-firing abilities, as it lowers the vertical climb of the weapon. It improves the already low vertical recoil so that a weapon can have nearly no upwards kick. However, some semi-automatic weapons have low recoil by default, so adding a Muzzle Brake isn't always as effective or necessary, but nonetheless isn't a bad option.

In particularly for pistols, the Compensator will fare better if a user tends to spam a pistol. However, when going for longer ranged headshots, common for both Desert Eagle and revolver users, the Muzzle Brake is a better choice, giving the user better recoil when tap-firing.


The Muzzle Brake is very much the opposite of a Compensator. It is great for tap-firing or improving recoil control on weapons with high vertical kick.


Coming Soon


  • Not all Muzzle Brakes are the same in real life, unlike in Phantom Forces where there is only one type. Some weapons have strange but useful designs.
    • The Muzzle Brake in-game is of unknown origin as many muzzle brakes have similar designs.
  • Muzzle Brakes aren't just used in small arms; tank cannons and artillery also sport Muzzle Brakes to reduce recoil.
  • Despite having side ports instead of top ports, which in reality would cause the gasses to kick out to the sides of the weapon and thus reduce horizontal recoil, the muzzle brake confusingly reduces vertical recoil.


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