Muzzle Brake

Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 175 Kills
Available on All Primary Weapons except Integral Suppressed Weapons; Secondary Weapons
"Reduces vertical recoil climb while firing by muzzle gas (mistakenly muzze gas) to the side. Trade off in slightly increased horizontal recoil drifting." - In-game Description

The Muzzle Brake is a barrel attachment that decreases vertical recoil while increasing horizontal recoil. It can help at closer ranges while failing at longer ranges. It requires either 175 kills or 375 credits (initial) to unlock the attachment.


The Muzzle Brake helps users to stabilize their weapon on vertical recoil climb (up-down shaking). The Muzzle Brake requires more kills than Compensator barrel (which reduces horizontal recoil) because most of the weapons have high vertical recoil, such as the SKS.

To make the attachment balanced, it increases horizontal recoil and reduces hipfire stability. And to differentiate it from the Compensator, the muzzle gas releases to the side of the barrel.

Note that the muzzle brake will NOT act like a suppressor and hide muzzle flash.

AKM muzzle brake

Slanted Muzzle Brake featured on an AKM. Note the great difference in design between the Phantom Forces Muzzle Brake and this one.


  • Not all Muzzle Brakes are the same in real life, unlike in Phantom Forces where there is only one type. Some weapons have strange but useful designs.
    • The Muzzle Brake in-game is of unknown origin as many muzzle brakes have similar designs.
  • Muzzle Brakes aren't just used in small arms; tank cannons and artillery also sport Muzzle Brakes to reduce recoil.
  • Despite having side ports instead of top ports, which in reality would cause the gasses to kick out to the sides of the weapon and thus reduce horizontal recoil, the muzzle brake confusingly reduces vertical recoil.
    330px-AMX-10RC 017-frein-de-gueule

    Muzzle Brake on a 105mm cannon.

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