Mortadex v1 is a Phantom Forces hack used by most hackers on Phantom Forces. It is unknown if StyLis is aware of this but hopefully, The creation of this page helps out.

NOTE : If the page gets deleted and my account gets banned, I understand. I just wanted to share all the information and spread the awareness of others.

What is Mortadex v1?

Mortadex v1, as I said before, Is a Phantom Forces script hack. It is enabled by using a data injector and injecting the Mortadexv1.dll into the Roblox Player Launcher. It then enables the hacker to use 7 options to cheat. Hackers can select between the 7 options using J and K to cycle through cheats and L to enable the cheat.

Pressing P moves it to a different position on the screen.

Currently, it's 7 options are BigHead, KnifeMaster, IronSight, LagSwitch, Cham, FreeForAll and ESP.


These are the available options for cheating.


BigHead makes the head model of the players huge, Allowing the hacker to shoot the head. It is not seen on anyone else's client other than the hacker.


KnifeMaster enables the user to "teleport" to a player and kill them, teleporting them again to another player so the loop goes on and on again. Contradictory to it's name, A knife is not needed to use KnifeMaster. You can use a potato gun like the M9 or a BFG 50 and you will still be able to teleport. It is the most used option of all.


IronSight is still unknown but hypothetically, removes all recoil from all guns.


As with IronSight, it is unsure but it is rumored to be either an aimbot, something to mask an aimbot or allows a person to switch to another gun instantly.


Cham shows the hitbox of the player through everything.


ESP shows the name of the player through everything. It is like Cham in a sense.


As it's name implies, It allows the hacker and other players to kill their own teammates.

Countering the KnifeMaster

A KnifeMaster teleports to a player after a player has been killed. To counter this, You may want to go to a gun with a lot of ammo and hard hitting potential and group up with other players. Aim at a teammate's back just in case. That is where the KnifeMaster is most likely to teleport.


  • Mortadex v1 was mentioned by a hacker. Thanks to Sojitsu for the information.
  • It is unknown what Mortadex stands for. It may even be implied Mortadex is the name of the creator. But for now, it is unsure.
  • Videos can be found demonstrating Mortadex v1 on YouTube.

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