The Minimap

The minimap is a powerful tool in Phantom Forces. Correct usage of this tool can make the difference between being the predator and being the prey.


The minimap is a very helpful tool that helps the player locate nearby enemies. In the bottom left of the player's screen, the player should see a blue box with a green dot in the middle. This is the minimap.

Understanding the Minimap:

The center green dot is the player. the player may see other green dots; these are the player's teammates. A red dot is a nearby enemy. However, a red dot will only appear if an enemy has fired near the player. Eventually, this red dot will disappear. If the enemy fires with a suppressed weapon, they will not appear on the radar depending on how far they are. Another way a red dot will appear is if an enemy is spotted. They will stay on the radar for as long as they have the spot diamond. BE WARNED: JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE NO RED DOTS ON THE PLAYER'S RADAR DOES NOT MEAN THERE ARE NO NEARBY ENEMIES.

Flaws of the Minimap:

The minimap is not flawless. As mentioned above, the radar will not notice suppressed guns, knives, and frags. The radar also cannot show the elevation of the player's enemies very well, which can make finding enemies a bit troublesome in maps like Mall Construction, where there are multiple floors. However, it does show some level of elevation, by having a fainter red dot when the enemy is not on the same level as the player.


The minimap is an amazing tool, deadly in the hands of experienced players. Using this, the player can sneak up on enemies, and find out if there is an enemy before the player turn the corner.