This page is dedicated to all of the mechanics within Phantom Forces. It is intended to allow those learning about the game to figure out more about each piece of how the game works.

For these new players, it is highly recommended to read the list of controls, and familiarize yourself with every function, as many of Phantom Forces' advanced movement mechanics leverage these.

Please note - there are multiple tabs not everything is here.


While approaching a low wall, press JUMP in order to vault over the wall. When sprinting, the range at which the player can vault is increased, allowing them to smoothly traverse through windows and over low walls. A player has full control over how they vault, including what angle their character points at while vaulting, as well as their posture upon landing (crouch/prone must be pressed towards the end of the vault in order for this to happen.)

Slides and Dives

Sliding in Phantom Forces used to be a simple affair - while sprinting, pressing CROUCH would send the player into a controlled slide, letting them escape into cover quickly or quickly cover ground in the blink of an eye. While this still holds true, there are actually two ways to slide. The first way is by tapping CROUCH, and letting go of SPRINT moments later. This slides the player along a straight line where they were pointed, allowing the player to rotate freely to take on targets at any angle. Holding SPRINT allows the player to control which direction they slide in, allowing them to slip into cover or slide around enemies in an (albeit risky) extreme maneuver.

Diving is performed while sprinting, and then pressing PRONE. This will launch the player as if they had jumped, allowing them to go over low walls and cover while still allowing them to fire. This comes at a cost - if the player does not stand up, they will land on the ground in a prone position, severely reducing their mobility until they stand. However, should the player stand up (either by pressing SPRINT or PRONE again) they will resume their normal standing stance. An advanced way to gain some extra distance while diving is to jump, and within a few frames, dive like normal - this provides a small boost to dive height, allowing a player to access certain areas normally out of reach from standard jumping and diving. Some maps take advantage of this. However, this can end in disaster when near certain walls, as the game will consider the player as having vaulted, causing strange effects or just straight up causing the player to ram face-first into a wall.