Maps are the locations that players can play on. Currently, there are 8 (Crane Site Revamp and Base Luna are removed) playable maps. They are all compatible with all 3 gamemodes. 

Map list (Listed in order by date released)

  • Crane Site (added in alpha, updated in v2.0.0, July 4, 2017)
  • Highway Lot (added in early beta, update and date unknown)
  • Mall (added in early beta, update and date unknown)
  • Desert Storm (added in early beta, updated in v2.0.0, July 4, 2017)
  • Suburbia (added in v3.1.2, November 3, 2017‎)
  • Dunes (added in v3.2.0, November 18, 2017)

Map Order (Listed in order by which you play them)

Removed Maps


  • In the April Fools 2017 Update, Stylis Studios flipped Crane Site, Mall Contruction and Highway Lot upside down (they added planks for ease of access). These three flipped maps were only compatible with Team Deathmatch.
  • In the July 4th 2017 Update, Metro and Crane Site Revamped were removed. Metro was later re-added. Desert Storm, Highway Lot, Ravod 911, and Crane Site were all revamped.


List of Maps
Active Maps Crane Site - Desert Storm - Highway Lot - Mall - Metro - Warehouse - Ravod 911 - Suburbia - Dunes
Removed Maps Base Luna - Crane Site Revamped

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