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Type Mall
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The Mall (formerly known as City Mall and Mall Construction) is a large complex with a lot of glass and scaffolding. The walls are painted and constructed, ground floor is full of paint cans, wood and landscaping. The roof is a big battle ground with multiple entry points from the street level. Be wary of flankers and other fast-moving assault types to ensure your survival. It is a maze like map with a lot of cover except on the roof. The cover on the roof is the external air duct and trailers.

City Mall vs. Mall

When the time this map has released, it was called City Mall. It was a grey, cement building with windows. There was a parking lot near the building, however it couldn't be accessed. It has been hated by lots of players, since the map is mostly grey, as well as the common roof battles/camping that occur, especially on TDM. It is very common to fall off the stairs as they may camouflage due to the surrounding grayness. It was also recommended to remove the streets, as barely anyone goes there, though a useful ladder into the complex is placed where those who pay attention may find it.

The Mall is like a "revamped and under construction" map. In comparison with the old City Mall Map, the new Mall has more props to see and to hide; there are also scaffolding from the streets where it leads to the roof or floors of the Mall. The central "courtyard" has more props and barriers for players to hide and take cover with. The Mall has also a crane; which is now inaccessible; whose purpose to show that the Mall is on construction. A major difference from City Mall is that the Mall's walls and floors are of different (but related to the construction theme) colors to help players distinguish walls from floors as many players were confused which was which when the map was mostly grey. The most underground part of the Mall was also removed in favor of making the map more compact and pushing combat upwards, where most of the objectives were. The parking lot near the Mall was made accessible and a bridge was made between the two buildings.

Choke Points

Location Flare Domination King of the Hill
Courtyard A
Second Floor B
First Floor C


The point/hill is set at the ground floor. It has concrete barriers and cargo crates as covers. But visible on higher floors.

Second Floor

The point is set at the east section of the floor. The point is adjacent to the staircases. Few barrels and walls can be used as cover.

First Floor

The point is set at the northern-east of the map. It's near the Courtyard. The wooden dividers and the walls can be also used as covers.


It's preferred to use your best weapon for close-mid range combat for the interior of the building because that part of the map involves close-quarters combat and ambushing. Some players use sniper rifles and other long-range weaponry to kill enemies at mid-long range at the roof part of the map, the only part of the map where such shots are possible. There are crates on the part facing the uppermost viewpoint on the map, so players can take cover from sniper fire from the rooftops there. Some players camp beside the external air duct part, which helps to hide themselves from enemies who go up the stairs to the roof.

The strategy is to be aware of your surroundings. Know all possible camping/ambushing spots to master the map.

In order to get victory at flare domination gamemode, the team must handle both point A and C because they are both on the same floor. It is easier this way. Point A is in the courtyard, where the hill would be in King of the Hill gamemode. From the hill, you have a line of sight of the roof, you can defend it from the opposing team by picking them off from the roof instead of going in directly. 

In order to get a Victory in King of the Hill, you have to have people guarding the hill. There is a tendency for the other team to ambush you at the hill from leaping out of the hole on the first floor of the mall. Enemies will ambush you by using the hole. From there, they can start firing at your team. If the opposing team takes the rooftop, they can either ambush you from the air or use LMGs or sniper rifles to massacre your team from above. Some people even jump down from the roof with shotguns or snipers to try and trickshot you. That is why you need other players to guard the hill to prevent a takeover. When an enemy comes and tries to capture the hill, you look up and shoot them. A useful way to survive/camp is to prone and point your gun at the ground so it looks like you are dead. Try to hide yourself among other dead bodies so no one can tell the difference. Check your surroundings periodically just to make sure that there isn't a grenade rolling towards you. 

When you are on the main floors of the mall, it is recommended that you use mid-range to close range weapons more than long range weapons. When you are on the roof, you can use any sort of weapon. If you want to snipe, go right up to the top. If you want to assault, go down and fight around the containers and the air duct. 

If the player is fast enough, they can jump from the roof to the second floor. This is great for ambushing unsuspecting enemies.


  • Mall has been modified the most amount of times out of all the maps in PF.
    • It has been modified five times. Currently, the only other maps that have been changed are Highway Lot and Metro and they have only been modified once.
  • A picture of a person's head behind a pot plant in Mall.
  • The basement of the mall was removed as previously mentioned, but the area is still accessible via a glitch.
  • Mall Construction was renamed to just "Mall" in the 2.3.0 update
  • This map is the only map that still has the original crane from before the July 4th, 2017 update.
    • However, the crane on this map is red, whereas before the July 4th, 2017 update, the cranes on Crane Site and Crane Site Revamp were gray.
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