Rank Prerequisites Rank 73
Melee Type One Hand Blade
Blade Range 2.4 Studs
Headshot Multiplier 1.4x
Torso Multiplier 1.1x
Front Stab Damage 65
Backstab Damage 120
Main Attack Time 0.5 Seconds
Main Attack Delay 0.2 Seconds
Alternate Attack Time 0.7 Seconds
Alternate Attack Delay 0.25 Seconds
Quick Attack Time 1.3 Seconds
Quick Attack Delay 0 Seconds
Melee Walkspeed 16

The Machete is a One Hand Blade melee weapon in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked at Rank 73 or can be purchased with credits (CR). It can also be unlocked by rolling a LEGENDARY while opening a case.


The machete's first uses were as an agricultural implement, cutting down crops like sugar cane, and undergrowth in the rainforest. It's most commonly found in use in tropical regions in Latin and South America.

However, in American culture, the machete is much more popularly known because of its role as a weapon in movies like Friday The 13th. The Machete was also used in historical uprisings and wars. Many militias have used it as a mainstay close combat weapon, and countries like Britain and the United States have provided it to their soldiers when involved in jungle-heavy areas.


The Machete in-game is modeled off the "Taiga Machete", a Russian survival machete. It also is a combination tool that can function as an axe, knife, shovel, saw, ruler or protractor.

Compare to the typical machete, the Taiga is very short and heavy for its size. The blade is just slightly longer than a "full-sized" (7 inches) combat knife. The tool is about 2/3 tang, the rest 1/3 on the handle is hollow to store some other essential tools. The blade is made of high carbon steel, though it's hard and easy to re-sharp, it rusts fast if not cleaned correctly after use.


General Information

The Machete overall is very similar to the Knife. They both do the same amount of damage 130 on the back, though Machete does 65 on front and knife 50. The Machete also gives the player maximum mobility. The Machete has different animations from the Knife, being swung down in a hacking motion instead of a slash on an LMB click as well as a different inspect animation, but they don't have a significant impact on usage and effectiveness. It does, however, give a higher chance for a melee headshot compared to the Knife.

Usage and Tactics

Although the Machete is very pretty much identical to the Knife in terms of performance, there are some statistical differences. First, the Machete has a longer melee range than the knife, being 6 studs compared to the knife's 4 (this difference is probably too small to notice). Second, the Machete has a faster secondary stabbing animation (the right click animation) than the Knife, being 0.5 seconds long whereas the Knife is 0.7 seconds long. Both the Machete and the Knife have the same main stabbing animation (F/left click animation) time of 0.6 seconds.


Overall, the Machete is pretty much a reskin of the knife except with small statistical improvements as well as different animations.

Pros & Cons


  • One-hit headshot capability.
  • Can be unlocked through ranks, credits, or cases.
  • Quick slash speed.
  • Longest blade range.


  • No huge advantage over most melee weapons.


  • Given that the Machete in-gamed is modeled off of the Taiga Machete, it is likely that it was based on the Taiga Machete seen in 'Battlefield 4', being a melee weapon available in the multiplayer.
  • The Machete was the second melee weapon to be added to Phantom Forces.
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