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Kobra sight

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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 320
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"A traditional Russian red dot combat optic using advanced laser-generated HUD technology to superimpose a reticle onto a filtered optic. " - In-game Description

The Kobra Sight is a Russian Red Dot Sight. It is unlocked by obtaining 330 kills or purchase it with credits (CR).


The Kobra sight is well known to Russian soldiers as a very efficient sight. It has been used on Soviet rifles such as the AK-74 and multiple AK variants in recent conflicts.

In-Game Model

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General Information

The Kobra Sight is one of the multiple red-dot sights available in-game. Its reticle consists of three red lines in a 'T' cross formation, with the small gap in the centre indicating the user's point of aim. The reticle is relatively small - the sight picture of the optic being uncluttered. The housing frame of the optic is a relatively thin ring atop of the attachment slab.

Usage & Tactics

The Kobra Sight is useful at close-to-medium ranges. The lower magnification level and clear sight picture allows for accurate shot placement up close and better tracking of targets in close-quarters-combat (CQC).


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