Kobra Sight

Kobra angled

Kobra sight

Kobra hip

Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 320
All Primary Weapons, Obrez, SFG 50, Serbu Shotgun, Sawed Off except KSG 12.

The Kobra Sight is a Russian RDS (Red Dot Sight). It is unlocked by reaching 320 kills or purchase it with credits (CR).


The Kobra sight is well known to Russian soldiers as a very efficient sight. It has been used on Soviet rifles such as the AK-74 and multiple AK variants in recent conflicts.

In-Game Model

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General Information

It performs as well or probably better than the Coyote Sight, as they have the same stats. It has three red lines in the middle, while the Coyote has a single, small dot in the middle. It is imperfectly rounded, while the Coyote is boxy.

This optic is useful at close-mid range firefights. It sees usability from mid to long range, but the target will not be on the sight part. The player needs to target higher than the sight of the attachment to successfully damage/kill the enemy. Also, you can't see the bullet drop physics of the game, at least from the perspective of a low magnification sight.

The Kobra is a very popular optic in the game. It has much more minimal housing compared to the Coyote sight and moderately low unlock prerequisite. Some players may not like the bulky base at the bottom of the sight and thus prefer the Coyote. Some also do not like it's aiming reticle of 3 lines, as it may make it harder to be precise. However, the prongs are close enough together to allow for accurate at up to pretty long distances.

This is a very good optic for variable combat scenarios, where the sight may be used in close range as well as long range.

Usage & Tactics

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