Although Phantom Forces is a mostly glitch-free experience, there are some in the game, and we've put them here to warn the public.


These glitches are caused by the Roblox physics engine.

  • On the roof of the Mall Construction map , if you back up into the ladder area of one of the ventilation structures, you can glitch into it. You can shoot from inside it and spot players, but they cannot spot you. However, many bullets can penetrate the walls and simply using a grenade can kill the glitching player. On the 2nd floor of the map, however, the player's legs are visible and can be shot at. Demonstration
  • Rarely, a dead body will have a health bar, and will register hit markers when shot at. (You can waste a lot of ammo trying to kill the dead player)
  • On the roof of the Ravod 911 map, if you go behind the stairs and prone into the back of the stairs, you will get launched up and land on the top of the structure without taking fall damage. You can also use this glitch on other stairs structured alike and can hit "e" to spot all enemies on the map. Then the spotted enemies dying give you 25 XP each.(This seems to be fixed with a physics update.)
  • Sometimes, your gun might bump off a ledge and send you flying forward or back.
  • In either Desert Storm or Ravod 911 , if you go prone while moving toward the front of a tank, you will be pushed backwards, and, on certain tanks, possibly shot off the map (not all tanks do this).(This seems to be fixed.)
  • Ragdolls can occasionally spazz out and fling themselves into the air, freezing there as a multitude of pieces.
  • Dead players will occasionally be posed as if they were standing up, causing players to think that it is a living player.
  • When you go under a standing person while prone, or a standing person bumps into you, you might get shot out of the map. Alternatively, you may be launched under or outside of the map. For example, on Mall Construction, if you are launched into the grass near the Hill in King of The Hill, you will glitch under the map.
  • (Very major bug that can be fixed by reducing the mesh size of the cylinder) When pressing yourself against silo-like structures in Crane Site (Revamp), you can see enemies from behind the structure while not being visible yourself. This happens because your camera is inside the mesh, and because of Roblox physics, meshes don't render from inside.
  • On Metro in the hall area you can phase through the walls by backing up into them and quickly going into a prone position. Here, you can walk around to the other side and phase through the walls again, allowing for an easy flank or to escape danger.(This seems to be fixed.)
  • In the Metro map, upstairs, in the corridor that goes from one side of the map to the other, you can get out of the map and lie down in a corner of the wall. You can also enter it in the same way.



  • When using the in game Roblox recording device, the sound gets delayed (hit marker noises, gun shots, walking sound, etc.), some in-game sounds may not get heard (recorder's gun shots, reload sounds, etc.) and the screen lags. Bullets, reload sound, and bolt pulling cannot be heard if you use the incorrect audio type (Depends if you're using headphones or not, alongside what type of audio you're using) Bad frame rates can occur, as well as the lack of HD (720p +) recording quality.
Phantom Forces - The Audio Problem01:14

Phantom Forces - The Audio Problem

Example of the Roblox Recorder Glitch


These are annoyances or glitches that won't particularly affect gameplay.

  • Sometimes after getting sniped or bombed a damage notifyer in the HUD stays even after death and will haunt you throughout the game you joined. (only fix I know is leaving and re-joining the game.)
  • The MP412 REX can still have the a Suppressor attached, if you had it equipped before the last update.
  • Sometimes when scoping in, no zoom happens. You just look through the cross-hairs as if it had no zoom. Re-zoom to fix this problem
  • When force respawning, if you had taken damage to the point your screen is red, your screen will be red when spawning again.
  • Sometimes when you spawn, your FOV (field of view) will be zoomed in to the same zoom your sight or scope was at when you were aiming down it when you died.
  • Occasionally, when aiming, your zoom will not return to its normal levels.
  • Rarely, if you jump off of a crane, you'll bounce off the ground and take no damage. However, you may still take damage from the second bounce. This is most common when landing on a sloped floor
  • If you cancel reloading on a sniper and scope in, the zoom level will not change and remain locked at normal zoom for a few seconds.
  • Players may occasionally continue to exist and take damage even after they have died, and this may last for up to a minute. This is due to extremely poor internet connection - expect to take ghost damage if this is happening.
  • There is a glitch caused by lag that shows multiple hands starting from the spotting position to the sprinting position of the hand.
  • Occasionally, when you die and your killer is dead, you will be able to see your arms and your primary weapon for a few seconds, floating in midair. This only happens when there is heavy server lag. 
  • On the Crane Revamp map in Flare Domination, if you go into the office building in the center of the map, there will be a capture point on the second floor, but if you go to the third floor of the office building and go prone directly over the capture point you will be able to capture and/or contest the flare.
  • On Mall Construction, you can capture the C flare through the wall.
  • Occasionally, when zooming in with a scope, the screen becomes black, instead of showing the crosshairs.
  • Equipping a Vcog x6 and Canted Iron/Delta sight on a shotgun, switching to the canted sight, zooming in and firing will zoom your FOV into the canted sight.
  • Spamming the spot button right after taking a grenade might stick its animation and not throw the grenade (It will look like you're holding the grenade with one or two hands)
  • If you hold down G and then release while simultaneously pressing LMB with either a Machete or a Knife out, It will freeze the First-Person Model of said Melees in their Primary Attack.
  • Spotting while zooming in with a sniper scope will prevent the scope model from un-rendering.
  • A rare glitch is where, every new round, the chat disappears. You can still send messages, but they won't show up, and neither will other player's messages. Player's names and coloured circles won't show up either, so you don't know who's friend or foe.
    RobloxScreenShot04032017 164541067
    RobloxScreenShot04032017 134922328


These glitches affect gameplay and can offer unfair advantages to other players.

  • On the roof of the Mall Construction map , if you back up into the ladder area of one of the ventilation structures, you can glitch into it. You can shoot from inside it and spot players, but they cannot spot you. However, many bullets can penetrate the walls and simply using a grenade can kill the glitching player. On the 2nd floor of the map, however, the player's legs are visible and can be shot at. Demonstration
  • On the crane map (insert link) in the middle-ish building there is a glitch where you can go prone and back up under the stairs and then go under the stairs and shoot people coming up the stairs. Most advantageous on KotH (King of the Hill) when it is on top of the building.
  • An advanced glitch: One player prones, and another player prones on top of them. The player on top moves forward and backward until both players start floating up or get flung up rapidly. Useful for the Ravod 911 map for climbing to the top of one of the twin high structures, or on Crane Site Revamp for getting on top of the red and white tower.
  • On Ravod 911, if you go to the middle between the van and the box and repeatedly jump and prone, you would either find yourself in the van or the box. The van is the most annoying place to be to other people since they can't shoot you but you can shoot them and because the van is invisible when you're inside.
  • If you go prone, some of your body parts may go through objects and enemies can shoot you through walls and floors. (This is especially problematic when players on the crane get shot through the floor.)
  • When you go prone against a thin wall (or where there is a wall join where two colors or 'bricks' meet), back up against it, then suddenly get up to normal standing position, you may be able to clip through the wall. It does not always happen, but generally works on thin walls. You can also do this glitch by first backing up against a wall with normal standing position and then going prone.
  • On Highway Lot, the capture zone for the hill extends out to the corner of the room nearby. Players can cancel captures simply by standing here. This also applies to the C point in Mall Construction.
  • It is possible to get an invisible, broken weapon with almost no range, that shoots all of its ammo instantly. This happens at the end of a round, when a player begins to throw a grenade. The grenade reaches the top of its holding animation moments after the round finishes, preventing the player from throwing it. When the player spawns into the next round, when the countdown finishes, they will hear the sound of the grenade being thrown, and a grenade will be consumed. No grenade will be thrown, however. Their gun will disappear and the arms will revert to a default position. In this situation it is possible to get a kill, but a player must be standing at point blank range in order to get a hit. The kill will register as the player's currently held weapon. Pressing F to knife or switching between your held weapons fixes this glitch.
  • Sometimes, picking up a weapon will cause you to have an invisible gun that you previously had with no model. (You can change a weapon with this "invisible" gun; meaning you can have 3 weapons!)
  • During periods of strong lag, it is possible to duplicate your currently held weapon. This is a rare occurrence, and generally happens when a player switches between dropped weapons extremely quickly.
  • Very Occasionally, when you spawn, the HUD is gone, and the game has increased brightness/contrast. Usually happens when you press "Deploy" or Space too fast after being dead
  • Spamming the Spot button while sprinting and wielding a M60 will allow you to run fast while having your gun aiming in the middle of your screen.
  • Holding a grenade and then switching to an automatic secondary will allow you to shoot all the rounds in a M60 ,KSG 12 ,or Remington 700. Works well with KSG 12 because no ADS is really needed. Players using this glitch to their advantage can find themselves getting many multi-kills.
  • On older versions such as Modded Phantom Forces, there is a bug that causes your camera to be at a still position which makes killing enemies impossible and is bad for your KDR. In order to fix it, you need to reset at least 2-3 times in order to fix it.
  • On the two crane site maps, it is possible to press yourself against the silo to see through it and shoot through it with certain weapons.
  • The canted delta sight is misaligned on some weapons (M4, M4A1, M16A4, M16A3)


  • Sometimes, when a game ends no points are awarded and it is not announced that the round is over, as well as no team auto balance. This can result in a restart of the very same game that you just played! The glitch usually fixes itself after the round ends. (fixed and deleting this soon)
  • Rarely, there is a random player on the enemy team that has an ally tag and you cannot kill them, but they can kill you. Some of your teammates may be able to kill them though. It can be fixed by the person with the wrong tag leaving, then joining the game again.
  • Randomly, if you spawn, you'll teleport everywhere. It may be necessary to reset your character, which kills your player but allows you to respawn normally. You could also use F5 to force respawn about 3-4 times. Sometimes this will not work and require a rejoin.
  • On the Crane Site Revamp map, up on the top story of the Parking Garage, there is a crate that players have been managing to get into to kill players on the other team. You'll know if someone is in the crate if you try capturing the hill in King of The Hill and it doesn't capture. Shoot into the crate a few times, and they should die.
  • Rarely, on King of the Hill, when capturing the hill, the capturing bar will not even move. This turns the match into a glorified TDM.
  • Sometimes the timer will be stuck at 15:00 so that server holds infinite game mode on that map for ever unless all the players leave.
  • Since v.2.0.0, a new bug appeared where spawning could make you die from falling an insane height.

If you go under an air duct there and keep proning you will glitch underneath

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