Karambit R
Rank Prerequisites Rank {{{Level}}}
Main Stab DMG 80
Backstab DMG 120
Stab Range 1.3
Main Slash Rate 0.5
Alt Slash Rate 0.2

The Karambit R is melee weapon in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked by rolling a LEGENDARY while opening a case.


The Karambit is a small curved knife that was originally from the Southeast Asia. This kind of claw-like knife is called "Karambiak" or "Kurambik" in the native Indonesian language and Malay. It is called "Karambit" in the Philippines, which is known in most of the Western countries. In a traditional grip, the knife is held with the index finger in the ring and the point of the blade facing outwards. In a hammer grip, the knife is held with the pinky finger in the ring and the point of the blade facing outwards.[1]


The in-game model has a curved blade and a ring on the bottom of the grip.


General Information

The Karambit is a single-handed blade that allows the user to run at the fastest speed possible in the game.

Backstabs and headshots are one hit kills, with a stab range of 1.3 studs.

The Karambit has a large damage output in contrast to it being one the smallest melee weapon in the game.

Usage and Tactics

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Pro & Cons


  • High Damage on Backstab.
  • One-hit headshot capability.
  • Quick slash speed (Pressing the "f" key).


  • Unlocked in case only.
  • Short Stab Range.


  • The weapon's kill feed name is Karambit (R).
  • In-game, the player wields the Karambit in a traditional grip.


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