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Iron Sights

Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 0 for primary Kills
Available on Secondaries, most primaries at unlocking

Iron sights are the default sights on almost all in-game weaponry, with the exception of the sniper rifles, the Dragunov, and the two scoped assault rifles, the AUG A1 and G36. Being iron sights, they can obscure varying amounts of the screen depending on which weapon is being used. Due to the fact that unlocked optics often provide better accuracy and take up less screen space, iron sights find themselves very quickly replaced by other sight attachments, especially on the M231 and on the AN-94, which are unusable. All current pistol sights are notch sights built into the body of the pistol.


The Army (American) uses full ring iron sights, while the police, hunters, and civillians use half ring iron sights.

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