Iron Sights

M4 Iron Sights Transparent
Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 0 Kills
Available on All primaries except AUG A1, G36, M231, Intervention, Remington 700, BFG 50, and Dragonuv SVU; all secondaries except SFG 50.

Iron sights are the default optic on all weapons except the AUG A1, G36, M231, Intervention, Remington 700, BFG 50, Dragunov SVU, and SFG 50. It is unlocked by default.


Iron sights are a system of shaped metal optics that is utilized on many firearms as an aid for aiming. Early iron sights were often fixed to the weapon and were not adjustable. Modern iron sights are adjustable and are often adjusted for different elevations and windage.

Military iron sights are often closed (full-ring) iron sights, while iron sights for civilian and police use are often open (half-ring).[1]


Iron sights are the default optic for most primary and secondary weapons in Phantom Forces. The only exceptions are the AUG A1, which has a 4x magnification scope and backup iron sights; the G36, which has a 4x magnification scope; the M231, which has no iron sights; the Dragunov SVU, which has a 7.5x magnification SVD scope; and sniper rifles (including sawn-off sniper rifles), with the notable exceptions of AWS, L115A3, Mosin-Nagant, and Obrez.

Iron sights can have varied levels of magnification, ranging from 1.7x in the case of the Desert Eagle .44 and MP412 REX all the way to 4x magnification in the case of the Mosin-Nagant. The magnification level of iron sights can only be overridden by the magnification level of higher-magnification optics. Optics with lower magnification levels than iron sights have their magnification level overridden by the iron sights.

Iron sights are often obstructive, as is the case with AN-94 and FAMAS, or they are inferior to other optics, so they are often replaced for clearer optics, such as Coyote Sight, or optics with higher magnification, such as VCOG 6x.