Highway lot is an urban map with a highway/bridge. On the right of the bridge, there is a parking lot and a windowed dome. The dome and parking lot connects to the major building. The rest of the map is the outskirts. Snipers can use hills, the highway, and the top of the dome to efficiently pick off unsuspecting targets. Some trees can be camped in, and are very useful at picking off snipers without them seeing you.

Choke Points

Location Flare Domination King of the Hill
Foyer A
Dome B
Parking Lot C


First, know the map. This map involves ambushing and all-around face-to-face combat. If you are always going to the buildings, it is preferred to use close-mid range weapons. If you are always going outside like the highway, it is preferred to use snipers or all-around range weapons.

To win at the King of the Hill gamemode, it's preferred to use CQC weapons or Shotguns. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if the map goes dark, or the lights are shot out. It will pose a problem because the darkness and proning enemies could mimic the surroundings. Even though the Flashlight attachment can help, it is only available the AK-12. To kill enemies without being seen, prone at somewhere dark and near the Hill. This results you to camouflage at the dark surroundings. Use Flash Hider for weapons in order to not getting spotted in action. Grenades are useful for taking out multiple enemies camping on the Hill.

In Flare Domination, the capture points are in the dome, in the major building, and on the second floor of the parking lot.

For Snipers, some of the best spots to snipe are from the bridge, and the top of the main building. If you go up the hill behind the other teams spawn behind the major building, you can easily pick them off.

On King of the Hill mode you can glitch through a wall by backing against it, going prone and getting up repeatedly causing you to phase through the wall after one or two tries. Then you can glitch onto the Hill and suicide bomb by holding a grenade until it explodes, getting multi kills easily.


  • In the office building, there is a cubicle that is supposed to be Lito's workplace. There are pictures of anime in the cubicle, suggesting that Lito likes anime.
  • One room is possibly Shaylan007's, it has a picture of a G18 spouting flame, with 007 on the bottom, implying that he likes James Bond and spy gear.
  • Under the office section is a server room. It can be accessed from under the stairs leading there or through the tunnel.
  • Every single light on the map, excluding those in the Parking Garage, are destructible. This can be an advantage or a downside when all the lights are destroyed in the tunnel as the low visibility will either help you or harm you.
  • It is possible to climb the large metal electrical wire structures, but it's time consuming and not recommended for team players.
  • On the CTE version of Phantom forces, the closed elevator next to the hill has opened, along with a few more lights in the hill location and 2 vending machines next to the elevator labeled 'DejaBlue'.
  • The DejaBlue vending machines are obviously a pun to the phenomenon Deja Vu .
  • The previously mentioned elevator is only open on the first floor; left of the stairs next to the elevator will still be a closed elevator door.
  • There is a man's face behind a potplant near Lito's workshop.


RobloxScreenShot02152017 204534-154
RobloxScreenShot11012016 151732247

Litozinnamon's workplace


Inside the new elevator. The old elevator was also accessible through a glitch, although it had no lights and was therefore dark.


The entrance to the new elevator. The blueish-purple light is produced by the new DejaBlue vending machines.

List of Maps
Base Luna (REMOVED) - Crane Site - Crane Site Revamped - Desert Storm - Highway Lot - Mall Construction - Metro - Ravod 911 - Warehouse

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