Phantom Forces is a popular fast-paced first-person shooter. It is heavily inspired by the Battlefield series of games but offers more casual and faster gameplay. It also has elements from Battlefield and CS:GO.

Created by Litozinnamon (a.k.a. "Lito") and everyone in the hardworking StyLis Studios, Phantom Forces is the spiritual successor of the Call of Robloxia series of Roblox games. Phantom Forces is a FPS that uses many weapons you may see and recognize today, including the M4 Carbine, M200 Intervention, FN P90, UMP 45 etc.

In the game, two teams exist, the Phantoms and the Ghosts. The Phantoms are identified by their blue color whereas the Ghosts are identified by their orange color. Furthermore, each team has unique spawn locations on each map, which are static and team-based. Spawn points on particular maps may give one team a geographical advantage over the other (a.k.a. relative location between a spawn point and the hill or a flare). Otherwise, there is no further difference between each team.

In addition, the game features advanced, unique movement mechanics not seen in many Roblox FPS games such as Diving and Sliding, all of which are covered in the Basic Controls List. Bullet Drop, Muzzle Velocity, and External Ballistics mechanics are also scripted in the game for firearms. Such features distinguish Phantom Forces from many other Roblox FPS games.

With its complex mechanics and unique gameplay, Phantom Forces is acclaimed as one of the most popular shooters in Roblox. Feel free to take a look around the site and tell us what you think.

Phantom Forces also includes gamer language such as Quad feed, and quad head.

Quad Feed: A player kills four players in a row, in the chat he has to be the only person with the kill streak.

It should only show his name four times in the top left corner, without anyone else getting a kill in it.

Click the link below for a picture below for a DOUBLE quad feed.

Quad Head: Kills four players in the head in a row.

Helpful resources

Basic Controls List - Basic and vital controls in Phantom Forces.

Game Info - Information about the game.

Glitches - See a list of bugs found by users.

Levels - The primary way of progression in Phantom Forces.

Maps - Familiarize yourself with the battlefield before you step into the fray!

Mechanics - See ingame features.

Phantom Forces Gamemodes - Learn about the 3 classic gamemodes.

Spotting - A useful mechanic to know.

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