Phantom Forces is a Roblox game, that at the moment, holds the (unofficial) title of being the most detailed and most beautiful shooter on Roblox. It is completely free to play, and other than in-game credits, there's nothing you need to buy with Robux (premium currency of Roblox, bought with real money), although Robux contributions will help keep the development of Phantom Forces going. Right now, Stylis Studios have added three game modes for Phantom Forces so far: Team Deathmatch, Flare Domination and King Of The Hill. More may be added in the future, such as Capture the Flag.

Team Deathmatch

Main article: Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch was the first game mode to be added into Phantom Forces. It's self-explanatory, and features the Phantom soldiers in combat against the Ghosts (just like in Flare Domination and King of the Hill). Whichever side reaches a kill limit of 200 first or has more kills by the end of the round wins. This gamemode has a high chance of people camping.

Some guides that may be useful:

TDM and You by Gggy - A guide focused on how to help your team fight more effectively.

Flare Domination

Main article: Flare Domination

Flare Domination is a game mode where there are team-colored "flare points" around the map taking inspiration from Domination in Call of Duty and Conquest in Battlefield. It takes 5 seconds for a single player, with no contesting opponents on the same point to capture a flare point. Points are gained as time passes depending on the amount of points captured by the team. If a team has all points captured, the opposing team will start to lose their points as well. The first team to reach the maximum amount of points (250) or the team with the most points when the round ends wins.

Xylven's Guide of Winning Flare Domination 

King of the Hill

Main article: King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a game mode with one "Hill" which functions similarly to the points in Flare Domination. This "Hill" is equidistant from both teams' spawns, and normally features some cover for its defenders. Capturing it reduces the enemy team's points over time, which start at 600. If the Hill isn't captured by either side for a while, both teams will start to lose points. Fighting to defend or assault the position can be very fierce, with a high chance of being ambushed by the defenders on the enemy team. The first team to lose all 600 points or the team with less points when the round ends loses.

Gggy's King of the Kill Guide - The attacker's and defender's manual for KOTH

Planned game modes

StyLis Studios has stated it plans to add a Capture the Flag game mode, which we can guess will function like the classic CTF game mode in other games.

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