This is the master article about the gamemodes currently in Phantom Forces. There are currently four game modes: Team Deathmatch, Flare Domination, King Of The Hill and Kill Confirmed. More may be added in the future, such as Capture the Flag. As it currently stands, all rounds last 15 minutes, or until their score limit is reached. This page contains small summaries about each mode.

Team Deathmatch

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Team Deathmatch (TDM) was the first game mode to be added into Phantom Forces. Two teams are pitted against each other with one simple objective - kill as many enemy players as possible without dying. Each kill rewards a single, irrevocable point to the team. Whichever team reaches the score limit of 200 points first, or has more kills by the end of the round, wins the round.

Team Deathmatch encourages playstyles that generally don't result in death to deny the opposing team the ability to score points.

Flare Domination

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Flare Domination (FlareDom, or FD) is a game mode where there are "flare points" scattered around the map, taking inspiration from Domination in Call of Duty and Conquest in Battlefield. Flares start out unclaimed, but when a team takes it, it lights up in their team's color. Capturing a flare point takes 5 seconds for a single player, which is reduced if more players attempt to capture it. Captures are immediately cancelled out if an enemy player exists within capture range.

Points are gained as time passes depending on the amount of points captured by the team. If a team has all points captured, the opposing team will start to lose their points as well. Players can also contribute towards their team's score by killing enemies. Killing an enemy subtracts one point from the enemy team and adds one to the player's team. This can allow a team that holds onto only one flare to hold out until another flare is captured.

The first team to reach the maximum amount of points (250) or the team with the most points when the round ends wins.

Flare Domination favors small squads of players storming multiple points at once to spread out opponents.

King of the Hill

Main article: King of the Hill

King of the Hill (KotH) is a game mode with one "Hill" which functions similarly to the points in Flare Domination. This hill is close to equidistant from both teams' spawns, and normally features some cover for its defenders. A prop is spawned at the center of the hill to provide some sort of contextual object to be held onto. Capturing it reduces the enemy team's points over time. Fighting to defend or assault the position can be very fierce, with a high chance of being ambushed by the defenders on the enemy team.

Both teams start off with 600 points. These points are slowly drained from the enemy team as long as the hill is held. The more players that are within capture range of the hill, the faster the enemy team's points are drained. This draining benefit stacks up to 3 players. Any player killed subtracts one point from their team. Points cannot be regained in this mode.

When a team loses all 600 of their points, the round ends, and they lose. Should a round end before all points are lost, the win will be awarded to the team with the most remaining points.

King of the Hill favors well-coordinated teams that understand spacing and know all routes to the hill. Lone wolf tactics tend to result in failure.

Kill Confirmed

Main Article: Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is the most recent gamemode in Phantom Forces, taking inspiration from Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed gamemode. It functions similarly to Team Deathmatch. However, instead of gaining points from killing enemy players, players must collect the dog tags dropped by dead players. Additionally, players get only 50 points from killing a player rather than the usual 100, putting more emphasis on picking up dog tags. However, a maximum of 99 points can be awarded without picking up a tag; this is through a Kill Assist.

Planned game modes

StyLis Studios has stated it plans to add a Capture the Flag game mode. It is assumed this Capture the Flag game mode would be similar to the CtF mode in many other video games. 

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