The brief information of the game. To check the newest version of the game and view changes in more detail, view the Change Log.

Current Game Description

Update 2.1.1

- New Henry 45-70 Lever Action Rifle (Classified as a battle rifle in-game)
- New KS-23M shotgun
- Re-added attachment descriptions to the menu
- Advanced stats now update according to attachments equipped
More detailed changes on the PF wiki change log

Update video 13

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About the Developers


Main Page: Litozinnamon

Litozinnamon aka Lito is the creator of Phantom Forces as well as Call of Robloxia 5. Lito created his account on December 21st 2009. From the time he first signed up to around Fall of 2013, Lito built, scripted and designed Call of Robloxia 5. He is the main developer/main coder of Phantom Forces 


Main Page: Shaylan007

Shaylan007 is a known developer that works for Stylis Studios. He currently creates high quality weapons, maps, and props for Phantom Forces. He has been working with Litozinnamon since Call of Robloxia 5.

In short. He is the modeller in StyLiS Studios.


Main Page: AxisAngle

In the role as a scripter, AxisAngle is responsible for most of the game equations and math; mostly notably, foot planting and other animations in general. He also remade the entire game framework, in where he added things like, 'loltimescale' (which lets the developers to change the speed of the game) and aimbot (for the April Fool's update). He is responsible for around 65% of the framework of the game.


Buddyism is the new moderator of the Stylis Studios. His role is to ban users who cheat and exploit hack in the game (such as Aimbot and Flying), he is generally the community managing figure of Stylis Studios.

About the Game

Phantom Forces is a popular FPS Game at ROBLOX. It was popular when the Alpha Version was released. The First Update Video was released Aug 13, 2014. And it was released beta 9/1/2015. When it was Alpha Version, the user needed 75 ROBUX (R$) to gain access entering the game. Currently, the game is always on the popular list. The game currently has over 200 million visits as of July 2017.

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