Full Ring Sight

Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 50 Kills
Available on All secondaries except the Serbu Shotgun
"Iron ring sight with a thin ring to minimize occlusion of the target, and a thicker front post for rapid target acquisition" - In-game Description

The Full Ring Sight is an optic attachment available for all secondary weapons except the Serbu Shotgun, SFG 50, Obrez, and Sawed Off. It either requires either 50 kills or 250 credits (initial) to unlock the optic.

In Game

The Full Ring Sight is a sight choice found in the Optics subsection of all the secondary weapons attachments menu, excluding for the Serbu Shotgun. The appearance of this optic is simple. There is a back and front sight, front sight post, and a red marker on top of post. Where the target should be on that spot.

The Full Ring Sight is best used for close-mid range combat. It is a good optic choice for pistols you can refer to as a "pocket DMR", such as the MP412 REX & Desert Eagle .44 You can kill enemies at medium range when the target is standing still; but it's not that good for moving targets, especially when the target is sprinting.

This optic can be hard to use at long range because first, it obscures a larger chunk of the screen than a secondary with a Delta Sight or Mini Sight would. As you can see in the images and the image below, the weapon that the sight is attached to covers up a large chunk of the screen, although it's still better than the stock sights. Second, trying to compensate for bullet drop on this weapon is near impossible, due to the fact that to point the sights above an enemy means that your pistol will cover up the screen space where the enemy should be.

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