Folding Grip



Attachment Type Underbarrel
Kills Required 265
All Primary weapons except L22, MAC-10, Groza-1 and PPSh-41. MP7 and P90 (if equipped before Version 3)

"Reduces camera recoil effect on gun in both hipfire and aimed fire significantly. Reduced hipfire stability, increased hipfire spread and visible gun recoil." - In-game Description

The Folding Grip is an underbarrel attachment. Initially, it requires either 265 kills or 465 Credits (CR) to unlock it.


Coming Soon


The Folding Grip is similar to the Angled Grip - in fact, it can be considered an aim stability-focused version of it. The grip provides much better reduction of camera recoil, especially while aiming. However, it greatly increases the weapon's hipfire spread and torque recoil (side-to-side.); if a player chooses to hipfire with a weapon using the Folding Grip, they will find it much harder due to its greatly increased hipfire spread. It is more effective on mid to long range guns like the MK-11 or the AN-94.


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