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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 55 Kills
Available on All Primary Weapons

The EOTech XPS2 is the sister optic of EOTech 552. It requires either 55 kills or 255 credits (initial) to unlock.


The EOTech XPS2 is unlocked earlier than EOTech 552. The attachment has a ring and a point-blank which shows the radius of sights. The comparison between EOTech 552 and the XPS2 is the XPS2 has a more compact design, no bullet drop compensation diagrams and less kills. The XPS2 also has a somewhat dimmer recticle than the 552.

This attachment is preferred to use it at close-mid range because of the low magnification. If the player uses it at long range, they may need to compensate for bullet drop more severely otherwise they will shoot a bit short from the target.

Overall this a convenient sight to earn and use. It only takes 55 kills to earn and is a simple sight to use.

It is also worth mentioning that the sight frame is quite bulky and obstructive.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to obtain
  • Overally simple reticle


  • Has a bulky, obstructive frame
  • Not good for sniping (barely any zoom)
List of Attachments
Optics Primary Acog Scope - C79 - Comp Aimpoint - Coyote Sight - EOTech 552 - EOTech XPS2 - Kobra Sight - M145 - MARS - PK-A - PKA-S - Reflex Sight - Vcog 6x Scope - Z-Point
Secondary Delta Sight - Full Ring Sight - Half Ring Sight - Mini Sight - Vcog 6x Scope
Underbarrel Grips Angled Grip - Folding Grip - Stubby Grip - Vertical Grip
Miscellaneous Laser
Barrel Flash and Sound Suppression ARS Suppressor - Flash Hider - PBS-1 Suppressor - PBS-4 Suppressor - R2 Suppressor - Suppressor
Manage recoil Muzzle Brake - Compensator
Other Aid aiming Ballistics Tracker - Green Laser - Laser
Backup sights Canted Delta Sight - Canted Iron Sights
Ammunition Shotgun ammunition - Extended Magazine
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