XPS2 angled

XPS2 sight


Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 55
All Primary Weapons, Obrez, SFG 50, Serbu Shotgun, Sawed Off.

"The XPS2 is the shortest, smallest, and lightest EOTech holographic weapon sight, all in the name of improving target acquisition. " - In-game Description

The EOTech XPS2 is an American Holographic Sight. It requires 55 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The EOTech XPS2 is the smallest, most compact optic that EOTech has to offer. It is often used by hunters and law enforcement.[1]

The sight runs on a compact 123 lithium battery. This configuration leaves more rail space than usual for accessories such as magnifiers.


General Information

The EOTech XPS2 is the second optical attachment unlocked, except for weapons that do not have access to the Z-Point where it is the first unlocked. It is very similar to its peer, the EOTech 552.

Although similar, there are notable differences between the 552 and the XPS2, such as the reticle. The XPS2's reticle is smaller and less obstructive but lacks the bullet drop diagrams. It is also unlocked earlier, with 55 kills versus the 85, and has a higher magnification level than the 552.

Usage & Tactics

This attachment is most practically used at close-to-mid range, due to its low magnification level. If the player uses it at long range, they may need to compensate for the bullet drop.

Magnification level and availability


AK-12 x2.5 AN-94 x2.7 AS VAL x2.5 SCAR-L x2.8
AUG A1 x2.5 M16A4 x2.5 G36 x2.2 M16A3 x2.5
AUG A2 x2.5 FAMAS x2.7 AK-47 x2.2 AUG A3 x2.5
L85A2 x2.7 Honey Badger x2.5 AK-74 x2.2 AKM x2.2
M231 x2.5

MP5K x2.5 UMP45 x2.5 MP7 x2.5 MAC-10 x2.5
P90 x2.5 MP5 x2.5 Colt SMG 635 x2.5 MP5SD x2.5
MP-10 x2.5 MP5\10 x2.5 AUG A3 Para x2.5 Kriss Vector x2.5
PPSh-41 x2.5

Colt LMG x2.5 M60 x2.5 AUG HBAR x2.5 MG36 x2.5
RPK-12 x2.5 L86 LSW x2.7 RPK x2.2 SCAR-HAMR x2.8

Intervention x2.5 Remington 700 x2.5 AWS x2.5 BFG 50 x2.5
L115A3 x2.5 Mosin-Nagant x5.7 Hecate II x2.5

M4A1 x2.5 G36C x2.5 M4 x2.5 L22 x2.7
SCAR-PDW x2.8 AKU-12 x2.5 AK-12C x2.5 SR-3M x2.5
Groza-1 x2.5 Groza-4 x2.5

MK-11 x2.5 SKS x2.5 Dragunov SVU x2.7 VSS Vintorez x2.5
SCAR-SSR x2.8 Dragunov SVDS x2.3

SCAR-H x2.8 AK-12 BR x2.5 AG-3 x2.5 Henry 45-70 x2.5

KSG-12 x3.4 Remington 870 x2.5 KS-23M x2.5 Stevens DB x2.5


Serbu Shotgun x2.5 SFG 50 x2.5 Obrez x5.7 ZIP 22 Unavailable
Sawed Off x2.5

Pros and Cons


  • Low amount of kills required to unlock (55).
  • Low magnification provides less camera recoil.
  • Clear view on target in CQC.


  • Has a bulky and obstructive frame.
  • Not suited for longer ranges due to low magnification.


  • EOTech does not offer the reticle on the in-game model.
  • This sight has the same appearance as the XPS model, but it does not have night vision-compatibility.




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