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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 55 Kills
Available on All Primary Weapons

The EOTech XPS2 is an American Holographic Sight. It initially requires 55 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The EOTech XPS2 is the smallest, most compact optic that EOTech has to offer. It is often used by hunters and law enforcement.[1]


The EOTech XPS2, being the sister attachment to the EOTech 552, and is very similar to the EOTech 552. The only differences from the EOTech 552 are the reticle, which is smaller, less obstructive, and lacks the bullet drop diagrams; the number of unlock kills (55 compared to EOTech 552's 85); and the zoom level. The EOTech XPS2 has a zoom level that is slightly larger (2.5x) than the EOTech 552's (2x).

This attachment is preferably used at close-to-mid range, due to its low zoom level. If the player uses it at long range, they may need to compensate for bullet drop more severely (once again due to the low zoom level).

Pros and Cons


  • Low amount of kills required to unlock (55).
  • Low magnification provides less camera recoil.
  • Clear view on target in CQC.


  • Has a bulky and obstructive frame.
  • Not suited for longer ranges due to low magnification.


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