Crane site

Aerial view of the map before 2.0.0.

The Crane Site is one of the first maps ever created for Phantom Forces. The crane map was created by the user shaylan007, one of the three developers. Before it had an actual name, players simply called it "Crane". The map has a four story office building, a multi-story parking lot, a gas station, a garage, a partially constructed building with a sky walk leading from the offices to the aforementioned building, a pair of silos, colored trailer[1], bunker & this map's defining feature - the crane. The crane is the central focus of this map, and why is it called Crane Site.


Location Flare Domination King of the Hill
Center A
Gas Station B
Parking Lot C


Before 2.0.0.

Community Testing Environment

After 2.0.0.


  • Before 2.0.0., there is an Eye of Providence on the back of the office building.
    • In the alpha, shooting the eyeball while scoped in with a sniper would warp you to the top of the radio tower for a free sniping position until you ran out of ammo.
  • The tower in the back of the map is the same tower in the map Caspian Border from Battlefield 3.
  • In the Gas Station, there is a Swedish Fish package just under the counter on the shelf. Before 2.0.0., all of the other shelves and fridges were filled with Doritos.
  • The green sign near the crane humorously reads "Danger zone 9001km", and "Nowhere 257km", referring to the fact that the map is in the middle of a desert.
  • In the Alpha, it was possible to "Wallrun" up the back of the Gas Station to get to the roof.
  • This map was home of the open beta testing for the UMP-45.
  • In the update 2.0.0 the map was revamped to be "more clean, polished and appealing" to players, while the actual Crane Site Revamped map was removed from the map roster "until further notice".
  • There is a Pepe flag at the very top of the radio tower after 2.0.0.


  1. CTE
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