This page refers to the map object. You may be looking for Crane (Weapon), Crane Site or Crane Site Revamped.

The Crane is a map element. The crane is the central focus of the Crane Site and Crane Site Revamped maps.

The crane can be a good spot for sniping and camping. However, the cover offered by the sign and counterweight also puts players in predictable spots for enemy players. Said enemy players will oftentimes be looking towards the crane, due to its potential to attract snipers of all flavors. Should a player fall off of the crane, they will most likely die due to fall damage. However, some daring players have survived the fall to ambush attackers at the base of the crane. It is stated that the crane map has the highest elevation in Phantom Forces.

The crane provides advantages for players focused on using sniper rifles, LMGs, and DMRs.

When players spawn in on the Crane Site maps, they will likely become targets by players on the crane. This annoys many people and tends to bring hate to the snipers. Although the maps that hold the crane has a disadvantage for players who choose to stick to closer range combat situations, those players can rack up kills by climbing up the crane and catching people that are unaware. However, beware that the crane holds one, and only one entrance (not the base of the crane, the hole at the top that separates the 2 short ladders), meaning that it is extremely easy to defend from the entrance, having 3 areas to fire into the entrance, not to mention the occasional snipers that could fire into the open "fourth" area. It is also, in fact just as easy to get swarmed while firing into the entrance, especially if the defenders of the crane wait behind the sign, aiming towards the entrance, waiting for the attackers. Beware spawning onto a teammate on the crane however, because there is a good chance the game will spawn you in the air, falling into the ground, unless you are very careful.

A red version of the crane exists in Mall Construction. When the crane was first added into the map, it was climbable by players and thus made the game unbalanced. A patch removed the ladder, making it impossible to climb the crane by normal means. Players still managed to get on the crane through glitches, and eventually invisible walls were added surrounding the crane, completely shielding it off from the rest of the map for good. Keep in mind the blue container the crane is carrying is still accessible and can be dolphin dived and jumped into by players.

An interesting thing to note is that the crane depicted in this game is very unrealistic. The entire crane is connected into the ground, while a real life crane would only have the base and the "ladder" part connected, while the top part of the crane (the long "arm", the control cabin and the counterweight area) would have a slewing unit, separating it from the bottom part of the crane. The unit, which houses gears also enable the crane to turn, a vital ability the in game crane visibly lacks. Without the turning ability, people will have to resort to equipment in order to move the containers into the area below the "arm" of the crane (if it is even possible), to be picked up and placed further from the "arm" by the crane, greatly reducing the effect of the crane.