This is a table of all of the controls in Phantom Forces, to allow people to familiarize themselves with Phantom Forces' controls. This is an up-to-date (as of 10 June 2018) list, featuring all controls used with the mouse and keyboard.

Controller data is limited, busy datamining it. ~sundownmkii


Function Keyboard/Mouse Controller Notes
Move WASD Move Left Stick
Look Move mouse Move Right Stick
Sprint Double-tap W

Hold ⇧ Shift

Sprinting never expires.
Jump Space
Crouch C Press again while crouching to stand.

Press C or X while prone to crouch.

Prone Cx2 OR ^ Ctrl Press C while standing to crouch.

Press again while crouched to go prone.

Press C or X while prone to crouch.

Press Ctrl while standing to go prone.

Cannot use Ctrl to stand back up.

Stand Z Press Z while crouching or prone to stand.
Slide ⇧ Shift + C Must be sprinting.
Dive ⇧ Shift + Z Must be sprinting.


Function Keyboard Controller Notes
Fire LMB Right Trigger
Melee Alt-Fire RMB Only applies when holding melees.

Tap Q (toggle)

Alternate Aim Point Tap T (toggle) Toggle will not function when scoped in.
Steady Weapon ⇧ Shift Only functions on scopes that can be steadied.

This means all sniper scopes and VCOG 6x Scope.

Reload R Can be cancelled by firing unless magazine is empty.
Switch Firemode V
Grenade G Press to immediately throw a grenade.

Press and hold to cook a grenade, release to throw.

To cancel, tap F, or equip any weapon.

Quick Melee F Hold to equip melee after finishing the attack.

While a melee is held, this functions as FIRE.

Spot Enemy E
Inspect H Can be cancelled by aiming or firing.
Switch Weapon 1, 2, 3

Scroll Wheel


1: Select primary

2: Select secondary

3: Select melee

The scroll wheel is only for primary/secondary.

Hold F to select melee.

Pick Up Weapon Hold V


Function Keyboard Controller Notes
Suicide/Reset F5 Instantly kills the player, counting as a death,

ending any active killstreaks.

In the test place, kills and then instantly
returns to the menu.

Legacy function:

After 5 seconds, return the player to the menu.
'No death occurs.

Cinematic Mode

⇧ Shift+L used to be the only way to access Cinematic Mode. It was patched out in favor of the manual toggle on the main menu under Settings as of 12/21/17. To disable Cinematic Mode, go into Phantom Forces, then go to Settings -> Display -> Cinematic Mode and move the slider to OFF.